What's Your Singaporean Dream?

Sunday, July 1, 2018

What’s Your Singaporean Dream?

Considering our age from all of us at NOC, this topic actually hits pretty close to home. A lot of us have grown up experiencing what it’s like to be told to study hard, to get good grades so that we can get good jobs and be successful. To be fair to the parents out there, this could have been true 10 or 20 years ago. However, given the changing trends and developments in technology, arts and culture, who’s to say that one cannot have a career in these “non-mainstream” industries?

However, one important thing to note is that, if you want to go off the well-beaten track, you’ve got to put in the additional work of your own. While staying on the well-beaten track is not easy on its own, but it is pretty straightforward, because you know what to do, and how to get there. Just simply study. Get your O levels, A levels/Diploma, Degree, get a job, rise through the ranks, etc. But the off-beaten route is not like that. Often, you won’t even get employed at the start because you don’t have the relevant skills, and the companies aren’t interested to employ a blank slate. So you’ve got to pick up the relevant skills on your own, ie. a dance studio is not going to employ someone who can’t dance, and you definitely can’t study dancing in school, so all you got to do is to practise and practise. And practising requires discipline, and at times, even require spending money to attend courses and lessons. If you’re lucky enough to have supportive parents, you might be able to solve the money issues pretty easily, but if you’re not that lucky, you might have to resort to taking up part-time jobs that has no direct relations to what you want to do just to afford your lessons.

As such, while it looks all cool and trendy to see all those successful people in non-mainstream jobs, but the amount of hard work and effort is nothing to laugh at. Hence, if your dream is to be so-and-so just because you don’t want to study anymore, then you will need to reconsider your reasons.

For those who are sure of your dreams, and know that it’s not going to be a bed of roses to get to where you want to be, excellent. We wish you the best of luck in achieving what you seek.

The video released today briefly illustrates the challenges that you might face, on your way to achieve your dreams. First off, we are greeted by our favourite host – Aiken Chia Xiao Ming

Who seems to have gotten a little more dramatic since the last time we saw him


Yada yada, who listens to the introduction of a game show anyway. Shortly after, we are introduced to the first youth – Rachel Wan!



Rachel’s dream is to open a dance studio of her own, and she’s well-versed in many forms of dance, such as dancing with a giant.


Her dance partner in this scene is actually Virus


Her obstacles faced in this challenge are the objections of her friends, who feel that she’s wasting her time practising so much, and the fact that it isn’t that lucrative to open a dance studio in Singapore. To add oil to the fire, her friends actually initiated a dance showdown (not really).


I’m going to ddu you to illustrate my point! Get it?


Moving on, we have Xiao Bitch who dreams of being a filmmaker after her numerous attempts at her auditions.


She probably can’t direct children’s movies with her name though


Her obstacles faced, are the fact that it is costly for her to travel overseas to learn filmmaking, and her family members feel that she’s doing okay as it is. Why take the risk and spend that money, not knowing if it will turn out well or not?


Introducing, Xiao Teets! Because, she has xiao… You get what I mean.


Third contestant, Syasya Woke! She’s a celebrity gamer, looking to go professional and bring it up to the international level, but…


“Boys are stupid”


But she faces objections from her current boyfriend, who looks incredibly similar to the host of the show. In order to fulfil her dreams, Syasya has to train in Europe for up to 3 years, but she will risk losing all her friends, and her relationship.




The final contestant, Nigel Williams Chopra is the stereotypical high-flyer with a good family background, and good grades in everything he does. And yet, he dreams of putting his knowledge to use in social work to help the disadvantaged.


Why is he still holding an O levels’ assessment book though


But of course, objections plenty, coming from his loved ones, namely his grandfather (although he didn’t get to say anything), mother and girlfriend.


Hold it together dude, choose a better time to collapse man


Typical of family drama, when the only times when the girlfriend and mother-in-law is on the same side is when the guy screw up so bad


And of course, the video ends without a winner, because if you’ve been paying attention so far, it’s not about winning, nor is it about who can get there first. It doesn’t matter if your friends, your neighbours, your cousins or even your dog are “more successful” than you, because life is about the long run. So don’t get impatient, focus on what is it that you really want to do, and make plans to get there, and put in the effort and discipline to achieve it. My apologies if this article sounds too serious, so here’s another look at Sikeen / Courtney ddu-ddu-ing.