Two Videos This Week!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two Videos This Week!

If you’re keen on attending the upcoming Taylor Swift concert together with some of the NOC peeps, be sure to download our App and stand a chance to win tickets to the Taylor Swift concert! Contest ends this month. Here’s the link for iOS and Android.

Have you ever wondered how a weekend with NOC is like? Well, if you haven’t heard, curiosity kills the cat, but this time I’m going to let the poor feline out of the bag (before it dies). Last week, cameras were following them around during the weekend documenting their every movement. We even have a special friend from L.A. who came to visit over the weekend! If you have been following us on Instagram, you’ll know who. So, do check out our YouTube channel because the video is out!

But wait! Before you go, here’re some behind the scenes for the upcoming video this Sunday (yes, we’re uploading 2 videos this week). This Sunday’s video is about frenemies! What is a frenemy? A frenemy is someone who is both a friend and an enemy, hence the portmanteau “frenemy”. This sort of relationship is toxic, but you can’t seem to cut them off. Do you have any frenemies

If you have anyone in mind that you are unsure if he or she is a frenemy, this upcoming video will definitely clear your doubts! You might notice some of the character traits of a frenemy!



Do you have a wingman who does everything but wing? You might just recognize that enemy in this video!



A friend in need a friend indeed! Stay tuned for this upcoming video to watch how Sikeen renders his assistance to the wheelchair-bound Franster!

Keep a lookout on our social media platforms for more updates, and be sure to catch this video’s release on Sunday at 3pm!