#TBT: Our Parents vs Parents We'll Be!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

#TBT: Our Parents vs Parents We’ll Be!

It’s time to look at one of our previous videos once again, and since this video has recently gotten 1 million views, we will be doing a recap on Our Parents vs Parents We’ll Be! This is also one of the first videos that we shot ever since we’ve moved into our current office!


1 million views yay~


Well, love your parents or not, we are definitely going to be very different from our own parents when we have our own kids. So let’s have a look at the differences!


Introducing Guo Liang, and reminding you of blonde Aurelia


Aurelia brings her boyfriend back to meet her parents. Pretty standard. Except…


That the mother sharpens her knives at the dining table

Her parents are a little scary. With the knives, and that scar on the Dad’s face, it’s no wonder that Guo Liang is scared, or just very hungry.


Not sure why is he holding the cutlery when the plate is still empty


And as if he’s not terrified enough, the parents bring out the goods.


Sounds good, except that the pork is still raw


And needless to say, Guo Liang makes his escape, before he’s served on a plate.


Parents that we will be though, seem to be party animals.


Whoop whoop

Putting aside the fact that Guo Liang seems to have a preference for blondes be it in the past or future, at least there’s food on the plates this time round.




After tons of innuendos, the parents finally get down to the topic. And of course, there is no way you would admit to it right? Right?


Honesty sometimes isn’t really the best virtue.


And that’s when we realise that parents are the same after all




Moving on, we compare the difference between our conservative parents, and the liberal parents that we will be.


Why not just climb that flight of stairs right behind to get to the cat?


We are welcomed to the sight of Aurelia trying to save a cat at a stairs landing, while wearing a skirt. And of course, her mother passes by and witnesses this.


Definitely not expecting her mum to be in a sari


After shouting at her daughter that she’s showing her meow to everyone, definitely attracting the attention of anyone who is in the vicinity to look at the meow, the mother gives up after scolding Aurelia.


If you have it, flaunt it


Till this date, the whereabouts of the cat is still not known.


And we then see the liberal side of things.


Seems fair enough, just sharing clothes


Just the sharing of clothes, no big deal. Not as if the Dad is asking to wear his underwear. And not as if the Dad is showing him…


And kids, this is how I met your mother


Maybe being too liberal isn’t a good thing after all.


Following which, we explore a trope, a mother painstakingly taking care of the house while her husband is out working, and her kids are at school.


No doubt


And her daughter returns home, and knows that it’s not easy for her mother, and she massages her mother’s shoulders.


Aww, though to be honest, with how heavy the school bags are nowadays, the kids probably need the shoulder rub more


And how will we take care of our children in the future you ask?


Those bangs though


Apparently, our children in the future sleeps to pop music and hip hop.


It is just sad if you’re singing this as parents


Vulgarities in a goodnight song? Sure!


In case their daughter didn’t get it the first time round


And with regards to asking for permission, we sure didn’t have an easy time with that with our parents.


You know that someone’s asking you for a favour when they give you this look


And according to our parents’ logic, anything and everything may happen once you’re out of the house, but nothing will happen if you’re in your house.


Except for your grandparents’ and other relatives’ houses. Those are safe.


But when it comes to our turn as parents, we are as easy as it gets.


Inaccurate. We would probably say, “Our son cmi alr!”


This scene opens up to a tragedy, with a couple mourning in front of a body on the bed, and they are forced to make the call.


Well, technically everyone dies a little everyday


After making the call, we find out that their son isn’t dead after all!


Though he’s being an ungrateful little bastard


And then we have a look at how our parents used to discipline us.


When 100 marks isn’t enough


But hey, at least you’re still an Asian, not a Bsian, or an Osian.


Good old times, when kneeling on durian shells in the past is called discipline, and kneeling on durian shells now is called child abuse


Oh, we forgot to mention, our parents used to be able to fly.




Sad to say, we did not inherit their ability to fly, but we will have way more power over our kids in the future!


Your kids want to follow their heart? Atrocious!


In the event our kids get disobedient, and start to have a staring showdown with you…



Our dear parents-to-be, do not fret, for you have the power to…


Pull the power of the router


Your kids will hate you for that whole night, but it’s worth it. Though the issue is, we are probably as reliant on the WiFi as they are, so…


Well, we’ve come to the end of this article, and I guess the eventual message that this video is trying to portray is that for most parents out there, be it the conservative, overprotective and strict ones, or the liberal, lenient, cool modern ones, they still love their kids very much, and are trying to do what they think is right for their kids. As kids, we might not like it, but try to understand the rationale behind their actions, and communicate with your parents properly if there are things you wish to change.


There is actually still one last comparison between our parents, and parents we will be. However, it wouldn’t be fun if I were to reveal those scenes as well. So for those who have forgotten what happened in the video, and for those who have yet to watch it, go watch the video! Till next time!