Sneak Peek BTS

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sneak Peek BTS

Just recently, NOC did a shoot at WorkHouse. Yes, the place itself is called WorkHouse, not just any workhouse. The place is spacious and has nice interior design, an excellent place for you to hold any event or may even be a cool office for your business. You can check them out here!

The day started out as really sunny with white clouds and a tinge of haze in the air which then got worse as the day went by. Thankfully, we survived!


WorkHouse! We are here! Look at our excited faces! Although Franster’s look is kinda.. Franster.


Now, let the filming begin!


But first thing first, how about a photo? The upcoming project is a must-watch for all the fans out there! It will be very interesting. Can’t wait to let you guys see it!



Let’s take another happier one with controlled excited-ness! Girls looking pretty and Franster looking good! Do you want to try guessing what’s the upcoming video about?  😀



And there’s this chio white spiral staircase in the premise! While we wait for shooting to resume, we just had to do this. Couldn’t resist taking photo~! And enough of normal looking poses, let’s have a fun shot!

Let’s have a mini game! The name of the game is called *drumroll* “Spot the Difference”! Question: Comparing this photo with the previous one, who moved and who stayed the same? Do give your answer in the comments section! The prize will be….. NOC’s effort in future videos 😀



Last but not least, we had group photo to end the day! And look! There’s JianHao and Fish! Are you already wondering what’s this shoot all about? Alright, I shall let you in on some insider’s news since you came to read the blog. Well, this video is… interestingly personal

That’s all for now! Be sure to watch this video once its out! Also, do check out NOC’s videos at YouTube and subscribe to get the latest updates! 🙂

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