Sneak Peak! (BTS)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sneak Peak! (BTS)

Hi everyone! Here are some sneak peaks of the video that we are releasing this coming Sunday! I shall not reveal too much but it’s certainly something that we have never done before. As much as we would like to share more on the video, we have decided to just reveal a little bit of the shoot which took 16 hours to complete filming 🙂 The pictures below are from the night shoot which is probably just 20% of the scenes for the entire video. Feeling excited yet? WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THRILLED 😀

Guess who is the Hawaiian Hunk?


IMG_3823Very Chio and Chic @Sylsylnoc <3

IMG_3836Production crew at work!

IMG_3881Reviewing the shots that were just taken!

IMG_3900Franz face here is so sour!

IMG_3917Camera Rolling….. ACTION!

IMG_3919Serious faces >:o



IMG_4009NOC’s Production Crew #Squadgoals

IMG_4025Mama Owl ready for her mission!

IMG_4035@Aylna and her sexy look!

IMG_4046@Ninatsf with her frowned upon blazer

IMG_4064@Mirchelly looking really sexy

IMG_4067@Joannalhs the Sunshine Girl with her Biker Chick look!

IMG_4088The girls are ready to kill!!!

IMG_4101Ready for transaction!

IMG_4117What is Julian doing here? Hmmmm.

IMG_4163Franz look kinda out of place here!

IMG_4170Our girls who have been working hard!

IMG_4183Candid but still cutie!

IMG_41964 Vs 1




IMG_4224ARE YOU READY?! Better be or Xi Guay Ong will haunt you. Hehe. He look so cutie here!

Stay tuned on our social media platforms for more updates and pictures! Be surprised on Sunday 3pm! Last comment on this blog post before Sunday 3pm wins an NOC Tee 🙂

No see, no split \m/

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