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SAFRA Entrepeneurs' Club Visit

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SAFRA Entrepeneurs’ Club Visit

On the 21st of July, we had the honour of hosting a visit by SAFRA Entrepeneurs’ Club (SEC). It was formed to cultivate continuous learning and advocate the acquisition of 21st century skills through value-added knowledge resources that instill empowered mindsets, impart winning strategies and impel life-long application. Their purpose of visit? Other than to tour the office that we are still so proud of, it’s to hear what Ryan has to share with regards to NOC’s journey throughout these 6 years. Joining Ryan, we also have Aiken and Rachel to share their experience after joining NOC.



Instead of opening up with a speech, we wanted to make it less formal and relaxed, and immediately opened the floor for questions, allowing the SEC members to freely ask whatever questions that they had in mind. Questions that were asked by the SEC members were extremely thought-provoking. Throughout the whole session, Ryan shared about his and Sylvia’s motivations for starting a YouTube channel, and what did it take for them to reach the stage that NOC is right now. Someone asked about Ryan’s plans for NOC down the road, and … Well, you’ll have to stick with us longer to find out what are the plans for NOC.



Aiken also shared his experience of joining NOC and eventually helming the whole new segment of Food King as the producer and host. Mentioning that both Ryan and himself shared a similarity in having a passion for food, they then delved into brainstorming a concept for a food segment that evolved to be the Food King series that we all love and enjoy today. However, they admitted that it is incredibly competitive, and that attention from the public is fleeting. Something that works right now may not work months or even weeks later, as such, they face the need to constantly innovate and to constantly improve on the quality of the content that we put up. As for Rachel, she shared her experience at not doing anything related to producing before, but is now the producer in charge of Spotlight, and she had to learn on the job through trial and error. As challenging as it was, she felt that this allowed her to grow not only as a person, but also an actress, as she is now more aware of what is involved behind the scenes even before filming.



After the session, we invited the SEC members to take a tour around our office, and showed them what we use each area of our office for, while allowing the members to approach any of us if they had any further questions to ask. After which, the SEC members kindly presented us with a token of appreciation that now sits proudly outside Sylvia’s office.



We hope that we have given the SEC members a thorough insight of how it’s like to do YouTube as a career as well as how it’s like to work in the media industry, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours!




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