Ryan's Birthday Celebration!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ryan’s Birthday Celebration!

Ryan’s birthday happens on 1st August, and we decided to celebrate his birthday a few days earlier over the weekend!

This time round, we decided to keep it simple by having a potluck event, with some of our talents and crew actually cooking and baking their own food!


The curry chicken is actually Aurelia’s specialty


And the birthday boy is early to his own party.


And starts feasting, because how can a Food King not eat


And thanks to HAPPEN, other than eating, we have other activities to keep ourselves entertained.


Showdown between Dee and Bryant, our other cinematographer


We attempted playing darts as well…


They also had a games room with an arcade console, PS4, Xbox One Kinect, mahjong, board games, and even pool, but we all got distracted by the huge ass projector screen in the middle of the room.


And the standing mic, of course


And given how much he loves to sing, Aiken joins Dee almost immediately.


It’s an ABBA song they were singing, if you wanted to know


Seeing the chance while the guys took a break, Aurelia quietly hogs the mic.


In the background, Grace is being narcissistic, checking herself out in the mirror


Followed by Grace, with a slow Chinese ballad.



And then the true horror began.


Just look at what song were they singing


Well, basically the night revolved around eating, singing, and then eating again, so I won’t bore you with the details.


The night was meant to celebrate Ryan’s birthday, but it was really a good chance for the whole of NOC family and crew to get together and unwind, putting work aside for just that one day, and simply enjoy each other’s company with recharged spirits…


… and slightly damaged hearing


Once again, happy birthday in advance to you Ryan!


PS: Also, as mentioned in the YouTube community page, I will be interviewing our talents, crew and even interns of NOC, and do comment either here or in the YouTube community post what will you like to know, and who do you want to direct your question(s) to. ^^