Tuesday, July 3, 2018


In case if you did not know about it, we actually have a Patreon page where you can provide your support to us by pledging a small contribution to us monthly in support of our works! In return, we provide exclusive content and incentives to these Patrons! Interested to find out what incentives are there? Check out our Patreon site here! —>


Still not a good enough reason for you? Here’s a peek into one of the few things we do to thank our Patrons. The CNY party held specially for those who have been supporting us for more than 3 months right in our office!


A buffet spread, served by Anna


Get to chat and eat with our talents!


Get to know our talents better!


Get to play pool and air hockey with us!


Get to make a mess in our office (and experience the joy of cleaning up afterwards)


Have Aiken serve you food


Get to see Sylvia in person!


And most importantly, getting to see the candid moments of our talents in real life


Unable to support us on Patreon but still want to get to see us? Don’t worry! We have a meet and greet session every year, simply continue watching our videos and reading the articles on our website where we will make the announcement once we have the details ready!


With that said, we really hope to see more of you for our next office party! 😀