NOC Advises: PSLE Results

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

NOC Advises: PSLE Results

This is for all of you who are waiting for your results tomorrow! A lot of you might face triumph, and some of you might face disappointment after 11am tomorrow, but whatever your results may be, please know that your results do not determine everything. It is only a milestone of your life that you have conquered. Celebrate that sense of achievement that you truly deserve for getting through the past 6 years, and make the best of the holidays now to take a breather and to prepare for your next stage in life.


Celebrate that you will be seeing a new environment.


Celebrate that you will be making new friends.


Celebrate that you will get to learn new and more advanced knowledge.


Celebrate that you are one step closer to your goals.


Celebrate that you will get to see a lot more.


Celebrate that you will become wiser by the day.


Celebrate that you are one step closer to being independent.


There are plenty to look forward to in the next few years of your life regardless of what your results are. If you are disappointed by your results, keep trying. If you did well, don’t get conceited. What matters is you continue to learn and absorb all the new information, knowledge and experience that’s around you. Don’t give up, and don’t become stagnant. There are many millions and billions of people out there, and there will be people who do well academically but not so much in the working society, and there are those who do really poorly in school but excels in a specific field when they are out in society. So please explore, experiment, and learn.


Because youth is fleeting, and you are less than 10 years away to an adult. Putting aside all the fun parts of being an adult that I’m sure you all are looking forward to, but the sad, tiring parts come along as well, such as paying your own bills, buying/cooking your own food, having to wake up on your own every weekday morning without fail, and you don’t get a chance to have up to 2 months worth of holiday for you to play your games.


And with all that said, good luck to all of you, and here’s wishing you all the best!



And of course, not forgetting to mention, our loyal contributor: Jaylene with another cute drawing of XGO! Thank you so much, and please keep it up!



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