NOC Advises - Motivate My Son Please!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NOC Advises – Motivate My Son Please!

Our office took the first break in 6 years over the weekend, and some of the crew got to enjoy the few days off over at Montigo Resorts!



But sad to say, the break is coming to an end, and we gotta come back to reality. As always, today’s article is another Advice Column, so if you have any queries or requests for advice, please feel free to submit them in and we’ll address them every Wednesday!



I took your advice and things seem to be looking up! I explained everything to my friends and they support me, except one or two who left me to support A&B. 
Thank you, it really means a lot that the people who helped me through a dark period in my life gave me advice. 
Thanking you always,
JL (btw I know you probably won’t find this interesting, but I finally won gold in a photography competition! That’s my winning photo. It’s my passion and I like to share my feelings through pics.)


This is from JL from, who had problems with abusive friends.


JL, I’m glad to see that things are looking up for you! It’s really a blessing that you have supportive friends around you. This is why communication is important, and hope that you can continue having such supportive friends around you, and importantly, try to learn from your experience and support these friends of yours just as they did for you.


JL’s winning photo


As for your photo, don’t worry, it’s not boring! I have no idea about the other photos that are in the competition, but this photo alone shows the tenacity of the plant to grow on the wall, and it somehow reminds me of a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck, which gives the photo the overall theme of encountering good luck and blessings after overcoming all odds. It’s really a good photo. Keep it up JL!


Also, there were a few queries that came in over the week so let’s have a look at them!



Hello NOC!
I am writng to you because i would like to know what editing softwares you use to make your marvelous videos since my son might be starting his youtube carrer in the future. The reson why i have asked you is because m son has been a fan of NOC eversince you started!

Thank you!
We hope to see your reply,

Kind regards,


First up, by Yng, who appears to be a parent who somehow seems to be supportive of his/her son starting a YouTube career. That’s actually really rare to see, but we hope to see more of such supportive parents! In terms of video editing software, in NOC, we rely on Adobe Premiere Pro for our editing needs. For our subtitles and superimposed visual effects, we use Adobe AfterEffects. Our motion graphics designer may sometimes use Adobe Illustrator whenever she needs to come up with new designs as well. Hopefully that answers your question!


Next up, by LC:



My sec1 boy is your fan. He watches your youtube every second. He wants to b youtuber or gamer and addicted to handphone. Refuse to study or eat or bathe sometimes. Can you talk to him? He refuse to do homework n jus keep watching youtube nonstop.failing.


LC, it’s not a pleasant thing to see that your son is doing this. While we deeply appreciate each and every single one of our fans for watching our videos and been sticking with us for the past 6 years, allowing us to grow not only as individuals but as a whole entity, we do hope that they grow with us positively as well. This is the reason why the Advice Column exists as well.


To LC’s son:


It can be said that studying does not guarantee career success in today’s economy. But it does not mean that studying is not important at all. Because studying is where you can learn essential skills and knowledge, and honestly, since you’re already having to spend 5 out of 7 days in school every week, why not make the best out of it? Note that I’m not saying that you’ve to get all As but you should still do the best you can, and achieve the best results within your means. And surprise, as much as you think that a lot of things that you study in school are not relevant to what you need during your work, you do still need them.


Example: English, and other languages

In NOC, we speak mainly English (Singlish) and Mandarin, along with a dash of other dialects and languages. But have you thought of how the actors are able to say their lines? Do you think that they thought of their lines themselves? While a lot of time we allow our actors to improvise their lines to add the comedic element as well as spontaneity, it would be impossible to rely on improvisations all this while. As such, we need a script. The directors, producers, actors and even the editors all require the script in order to make sure the whole production process goes smoothly from the start to the end. And putting aside originality and creativity, what do you think is important here? The answer is the command of your language. Knowing how to write your scenes as descriptively as possible helps your director to visualise the scenes before the shoot. It also helps the producers to see what is needed to make the video happen in terms of props, locations and even casting. It also helps your actors to accurately know what is each scene supposed to portray, and they will then be able to act according and deliver their lines accurately. Can you imagine being an actor and trying to decipher a script that’s written in poor broken English that even when the camera is rolling, you’re still not sure if you’re acting the role correctly?


Example: Physics, Mathematics

While we don’t really need advanced calculus in Mathematics for our line of work, we do still need proficiency in basic Maths. This is essential when we plan our production budget as well as preparing client proposals. For a career in game designing and programming though, you may need Mathematics and Physics a lot more. Take Fortnite and PUBG for example. Can you imagine how difficult it is to calculate the trajectory of a bullet that fires from your rifle towards your opponent who is moving? And let’s say that the bullet lands on your opponent, the game still have to determine if the bullet landed on the body, arm, or head, and reflecting the respective amount of damage that’s in accordance to the body part. And this is just a single bullet. Let’s say you were to spray your bullets, you will have to take into account the recoil of the rifle, the continuous movement of your opponent, and the minor movement of your mouse. So yes, Maths and Physics are needed. And speaking of Physics, you will need that in camera work. Particularly the understanding of the properties of light. How a light reflects, refracts, diffuses through different materials, how shutter speed and aperture affects exposure and depth of field, etc.


The above are just a few examples, but they are concrete examples of how school subjects equip you with the foundational skills that you will need in the future no matter what career you are to choose. And importantly, language skills. You will need to communicate efficiently and effectively with your bosses, your colleagues and your clients, and having a good command of your languages will make you a much more persuasive speaker. As mentioned before in another article, getting the best results you can possibly do in school actually opens you to a lot more options, allowing you to have the right to choose. Failing all your subjects in school only gives you the choice of to repeat the year or to drop out. Getting the top results allow you to choose from going to JC, or Polytechnic, or ITE, or to stop studying altogether. You may not need or want to go to JC, but at least you have the choice. You may not want to attend the top course in Poly, but at least you have the choice. Life is basically about arming yourself with the conditions to choose. The fewer skills and proficiencies you have, the fewer options you will have. Hence, school life is pretty much adult life but on a much smaller and simpler scale.


With regards to not eating and not bathing, it’s just about personal care and grooming. Choosing not to take in nutrients when your body needs it the most during puberty will only disadvantage yourself. Please don’t blame your parents’ genetics if you happen to finish puberty still much shorter than your peers when you chose not to take it as much nutrients as you could have in order to grow. And as for not bathing and being really unhygienic in general, I’m not sure why anyone would do that if they had a choice because there is simply no benefits to be gained from being dirty and unhygienic. And presumably such people tend to get body odours as well, so they aren’t the most popular people to be around in public transport. So really, just bathe and keep yourself clean. It will do you good for your personal and professional life if you intend to get friends and a girlfriend in the future.


And as for motivation, instead of relying on something as unreliable as motivation, it is better to rely on discipline and development of good habits. Because motivation is fleeting, and relying on motivation means justifying that you can simply stop doing something because of the lack of motivation. However, life still goes on, and you still will need to complete your work regardless of the presence of your motivation, hence, rely on discipline and habits to make sure that you do what needs to be done. In other words, just Nike the hell out of it. 🙂


Well, with that said, I hope I’ve adequately addressed your concerns, LC.

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