NOC Advises - Finding Your Passion

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

NOC Advises – Finding Your Passion

In today’s NOC Advises, we will be talking about passion. Given that it is approaching the end of the year where all the students are about to face their imminent doom, I mean, exams, and working adults are waiting to collect their bonuses before making their escape out of Singapore temporarily, I believe that there are a lot of you out there who may still be wondering what are your passions.


Day after day, week after week, you find yourself waking up reluctantly to wash up, get dressed and then head to your school or office. And you find that the only thing you actually look forward to at school or work, is actually the respite you feel at the end of the day when you actually leave it. Every now and then, you will think to yourself, is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life? More often than not, your answer is no. You may or may not already have a passion. But yet, you find yourself not fulfilling your passions. Some of you may have your reasons for not being able to do so, while some of you may have yet to find your passions. Hence, the purpose of this article.


Everyone should be thoroughly familiar with the concept of passion by now. However, not everyone is able to realise their own understanding of passion. I partly fault this on the accessibility of information and media. Regardless of where one’s passion lies, it is very likely that there have been many individuals who are living out that exact same passion and being relatively successful at it. Such as being a professional dancer, a professional musician, a YouTuber, you name it. The problem lies in these individuals being too visible. Or rather, their achievements are being made too visible and apparent, that it is easy for those who share the same passion to want to emulate and be like these successful individuals. Such visibility of their success and achievements creates the illusion that their success is easily achievable as long as you share the same passion. And more often that not, people don’t actually see the sacrifices that these individuals have made in order to reach where they are, and these people remain blissfully ignorant to the fact that for every single person that is successful in that particular field, there might be hundreds and even thousands of persons struggling.


So what makes the difference between the struggling ones and the successful ones? The difference in passion? The successful ones are more passionate, that’s why they succeed? The answer is no. There are times that the struggling ones end up being more passionate than the successful ones. Passion may contribute to it, but there are countless other reasons behind it. As such, achieving success in an area you’re passionate about isn’t a simple formula of the higher the passion, the more successful you’ll be. Passion is the spark, the drive, the motivation behind your actions when you participate, when you practise, when you do. But it doesn’t sustain. Imagine a spark that sets off a fire. The fire may burn strongly at first but without fuel to feed it, it will simply die off. And for some, their fire may burn weakly, but they consistently feed the fire the fuel it needs, allowing to continue burning for long durations.


As such, prior to ascertaining what your passion is, the first thing you need to understand is that you need to have the fuel to be able to feed it. Fuel to feed your passion comes in various forms. Such as opportunities, exposure, discipline, hard work, skills attainment, sense of achievement, etc. Notice that the examples I’ve listed are not attainable just by sitting on your butt all day and not doing anything. And one popular misconception is to think that the passion will push you to put in effort. It’s the other way round. You will need to put in effort to develop a passion in what you’re doing, and when you recognise that there’s the flame in you, and you want to keep it burning, then continue feeding it fuel to keep the fire going.


As such, for those who have yet to find your passions. Did you neglect those tiny sparks and flames in you in search of a raging flame that shouldn’t exist because you have yet to feed sufficient fuel to it? Identify something that sparks your interest and curiosity. Satisfy that curiosity, and see if that curiosity is satiable. Being passionate about something often means that you have the desire to know everything about it, and your curiosity for it is very insatiable. A thirst that cannot be quenched. And in case you really can’t even find the tiniest of sparks in yourself, go out and try more things. Take up very possible opportunity to try something different from what you’ve been doing, and find that spark in you. And do not stop once you find it. Grow that spark and see if you feel compelled to feed it the fuel it needs. Just like how you need to have your passion to get a sense of fulfillment in your life, your passion needs you to cultivate it. So that’s how you find your passion.


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