Maker's Boot Camp and #YTFF2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Maker’s Boot Camp and #YTFF2015

Hi, all! We are so excited to share with you guys some of our experiences throughout the 4 days of event which consists of the Maker’s Boot Camp and YouTube Fan Fest 2015!!!

So basically, Ryan and Sylvia were Mentors for the 2 Day Maker’s Boot Camp and they were there to share their experiences with aspiring YouTubers who were itching to know more. It is definitely enriching as many aspiring YouTubers who want to know more got to ask Ryan and Sylvia some questions up close and personal! Not forgetting that our Xi Guay Ong and Xiao Bitch actually guided their team in filming their very own videos.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.47.57
Looking ready to meet everyone from the Maker’s Boot camp! How often do we get to see Ryan dress up until so yan dao?!


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.42.25
With one of Ryan’s favourite YouTuber of all-time, Tiffany Alvord! Ryan looking suave here! 🙂


So, most of our NOC Girls and production crew subsequently joined in for the after party held at Hotel Jen where all of them got to meet and know some international YouTubers better! We certainly had a good session just chilling and meeting people of the same field. 😀


The NOC Family who sneaked a really quick group photo before getting back to the party!


Ryan with two of the gorgeous NOC Girls! The guy at the back seems jealous and he is trying to assassinate the watermelon king when he is off guard without his headgear. Such a meanie.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.41.29
Ultimate group photo of the night with veteran Poster Boy, David Choi! 😀


Moving on to more parties, press conferences and chilling out with everyone else! It’s definitely packed with activities and a whole lot of places to teleport to and as much as we wish that we could just use some special effects (like how we did in some of our videos), we just had to make full use of the time and manpower we have! #TeamNOC


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.42.10
At the Yatch Party with @Jinnyboy, @Davidchoimusic and @Itsbubz! Sylvia looks like she is gonna throw up but she made it and came back in one piece! PHEW!


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.40.56
David: ‘You jump, I jump!’ Ryan: ‘You must be kiddin’ bro!’ Ryan, you gotta lose some inches so David can give you a complete hug!


Ryan and Sylvia at another sharing session hosted by Fish from Wah! Banana! I think Ryan’s shirt clearly states the mood that he woke up feeling. Nah, he’s fine! HAHA


David Choi is staring right into your soul while Alan, Ryan and Sylvia are just workin their thang! How adorbz <3


So, that kinda concludes that 2 day Maker’s Bootcamp, of course not forgetting the After Party which is held at Hotel Jen’s Rooftop! That’s not the end though, as we were all excited for YouTube Fan Fest! We are stoked to meet our fans and take some selfies! Ryan Sylvia, some of our NOC Girls and our latest addition (which you will find out later) prepared for the Red Carpet event which is just one of the highlights of the day!


Look at us!!! All excited for the Red Carpet event 😀 The girls were praying hard that they don’t fall down the long flight of stairs. There is actually an agreement that if one person falls, everyone will fall together! Spot our new NOC Girl (not Daniel Teo). Hehe.


Mama Owl and her Ghetto Girls who just planted their butts on the floor before gracing the event!


Group Photo, just few minutes before meeting the crowd! International Love!


The girls stealing a quick picture before heading off to take more pictures with our supporters! What a rare sight to see the NOC girls all dolled up!!


Xi Guay Ong and Ber Ber aka Da Da Li Princess <3


So after the Red Carpet, NOC actually organised a dinner at Dancing Crab for everyone! That dinner consisted of more than 80 YouTubers from all over the world and the Maker’s crew! It was really heartwarming to see everyone being themeslves out of the parties, events and press conferences. The gathering was really light-hearted with everyone enjoying the feast with some drinks. Ryan, who doesn’t usually drink at all, spontaneously took a few sips!!!


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.41.53
Definitely not easy to spot everyone but the main highlight was just having a closed-door gathering!! So heart-warming to see so many people in the YouTube Family <3


The night ended with some partying (again) and more getting-to-know each other! We’re so glad that despite the busy schedule, we were able to bring some of the YouTubers out for massages, more makan-ing and going around. And so, these few days passed really quickly and we were off for the final day of the event!


Fan Meet! Thank you all for coming <3 Although it is a short 1- hour session, we were glad that we manage to meet everyone who came. Missing our #NOCBoy, Franz though.


Spotted a suspicious article while taking a proper photo against the majestic background! Xi Guay Ong and his girls! 😀


Back Stage! Everyone was actually scattered all around, some could even be spotted lying down on the floor! That’s how ordinary we actually are. HAHA.


Hello everyone who came!! A trailer of NOC’s latest video was screened here. It’s a collaboration with a few of Asia’s YouTubers! Almost everyone has not met prior but through effective communication, a collaboration video was born!!! <3


When I say Xi Guay, you ONG!!!!! Huat Ah!


Signing off with the couple showing some love!!!



That concludes the coverage on the entire 4 days! Don’t forget to catch the video coverage on Sunday! We have more insights and interviews on the video that was filmed throughout the 4 days! Can’t wait to share it with you guys. We certainly had a great experience and it was a pleasure meeting up with everyone who was there. NOC will continue to work hard and bring you more entertainment! We love you guys so much <3

Team NOC!



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