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Korea Travel Guide BTS

Monday, March 7, 2016

Korea Travel Guide BTS

This February, NOC took a trip down to Seoul, South Korea – the land of our favorite K-pop stars and K-dramas! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet any Korean celebrities but the amazing places we went to make up for it. The weather was very cold, I think the coldest country we’ve probably ever visited so far. You’ll see our pale faces, blue and purple lips (literally the colour of Sylvia’s hair) and how we’re wrapped up with layers and layers of clothes!


Whoa!!!! The cotton candy is bigger than Sylvia’s and Ryan’s head combined! Looks delicious though!


Feed me, my love!


Aww… my angel [icon color=”#444444″ size=”16px” name=”awesome-heart-empty”] Oops…I mean Sylvia’s angel 😀


Bryant likes thick trunks! Ladies, you know what type he likes now!


A picture paints a thousand…. SSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Bryant looks like a K-pop star in his own music video. Agree?


Sikeen also wants to be a K-pop star! Wah, Sikeen why you look so cool ah? Wait a minute…


Oh!… that’s why… Hi Spiderman!


Oh man…that fishy smell is overwhelming!!


The Band of NOC! Looking good, guys! Can be a nice album cover! When are you recording your new album ah?


Joanna looking like an angel with the nice soft lens flare! (Xi Guay Ong, this is how an angel looks like!)


Who dares to challenge the mighty Xi Guay Ong!


Sikeen, are you suuuuureeee????????


Joanna’s fascinated by the air suction thingy! It’s amazing that the camera can capture the smoke!


The comic version of The Ring 😀


Wrapped like a dumpling! Poor Sylvia…that cold, huh? Xi Guay Ong: “I’ll keep you warm! No fear!”


Slurping away an iced drink in a cold weather???? Not cold meh??? Power to Sylvia!


Hmm…where to next? 4 people, 1 phone.


Mysterious Virus…


Walking on air! Virus is really… airbourne! I want that power too!


That concludes our Korea trip! It’s been a cold but wonderful journey. Check out our Korea Travel Guide on our Youtube channel to watch Sikeen and Joanna eat live octopus, and many other wonderful things in Korea!