Introduction to League of Legends

Monday, July 23, 2018

Introduction to League of Legends

As you all know, being a professional in anything merely involves a few simple steps! Hence, anyone who reads this article and also watches our video released today will be certified a professional gamer!



Nah, just kidding. I would totally love to go through the actual steps to be a pro gamer if I really had the idea of how to. But what I’m sure of, is that one of the steps definitely involves tons of practice and training. So instead of going through the steps once again in the article, let’s go through a little bit about the basics of the game, League of Legends, shall we?


League of Legends is a MOBA game, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where 2 teams of 5 players compete against each other. If you have heard of DoTA, this is basically a similar game.



The map looks like this, with 2 bases at the South-West and North-East corner respectively where each team and their minions start out from. The rest of the map is then divided into 3 lanes which you will spend most of your times engaging in battles in. Across the map, there’s a river, and in between each lane, are the woody areas known as the Jungle. Commonly, the 3 lanes are distinguished as Top, Middle, Bottom. And with these areas, come about the roles that each player has to fulfil in a team, Top, Jungle, Mid, AD, Support. Keep these terms in mind as I will be coming back to it later.


Players are given a choice of Champions to choose from. These Champions vary in terms of their skills and abilities, and thus require the players to be familiar with their Champions in order to make the best use of them.


There are currently 141 Champions to choose from at the time of writing


On top of that, each Champion will have 5 abilities in total, consisting of 1 passive ability, 3 active skills, and 1 ultimate skill that can turn the tide of the game when utilised properly. Along side with that, there are also items and equipment that the player can purchase using gold for their Champion to gain an advantage over the opposing team. These gold are gained from killing minions, jungle monsters, taking down objectives (or towers) and even killing opponent Champions.


With all these Champions available, the game encourages you to try various Champions instead of sticking to the same one. And this is important because of simple matter of team composition. The game requires a great deal of team work and cooperation, and hence, you cannot expect to win the game even if you are excellent at using a certain Champion. As mentioned earlier in the article, each player has to fulfil a role in the team, and the Champion selected to fulfil that role will have to be suitable as well. Each Champion has its pros and cons, for example, a damage dealer might have less HP than average, or a tank might have sufficient damage, and a high HP but is slow moving. Thus, the team composition requires each Champion to complement each other in order to bring out the best potential to win the game.

Now let’s go a little more in-depth into the roles.



The top lane is typically occupied by 1 single Champion, and his objective is to be slow and steady, and survive as much as he can to slowly push towards the objectives on the lane. As he is alone, and thus very liable to be ganged up upon by the opponent team, it is preferable that the Champion here is tanky and can outlast a fight.



The Jungle is an essential role that can make the game seem so much easier or tougher depending on how good the Jungle player is. The Champion in this case should preferably have high mobility, or even abilities that allow them to stealth or teleport short distances. The Jungle player, instead of farming (earning gold & experience points) from minions from the lanes, he should be farming from the Jungle monsters, and roaming throughout the 3 lanes. He should also have a good map awareness. By noticing when is the right time to appear out of nowhere to gang up on an isolated opponent Champion, he can help his team mates secure kills, and thus, gain a gold advantage.



Mid is typically occupied by a single Champion as well, and as Mid lane is the shortest lane among the 3 lanes, it is also the most vulnerable one. Thus, the Champions suitable for Mid lane tend to be Mages. By being able to keep a distance from his opponent, and being able to deal out large amount of damages at the same time, he forces his opponent back, allowing him to push safely. Also, a certain map awareness is required for this role as well as being on the Mid opens the player up to both sides (Top & Bottom), and the player should be on the alert whenever he sees the opponent heroes on either lanes disappearing from the map.



The Bottom lane is typically occupied by 2 Champions.



ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry or also known as AD or Carry. As per the name, the player in this role is expected to Carry the team by dealing out the highest amount of damage in the team. Thus, the Champions used in this role is typically those that have fast attack speed. This Champion relies a lot more on his physical attack, and thus is a lot more reliant on his equipment. Thus, during the early game, he has to make sure to get the last hit on minions, and ensure that he is able to earn gold at a fast pace. Also, as dying will result in respawn times of 10 to even 40 over seconds depending on the level, the Carry has to make sure that he avoid dying as much as he can in order to continue farming and getting his equipment.



As the name sounds, the Support player will be required to pick a Champion that supports the team. Champions that are suited for this role have the largest variety, as there are many different ways to support a team. Champions that have abilities to heal, or to buff (increases stats of team mates), or to debuff (decreases stats of team mates), or to disable the opponent team (by stunning, trapping, etc). The Support player is required to make sure that the Carry survives and be able to farm. One faux pas of a Support player is when he gets the last hit from the minions instead of letting the Carry get it. During team fights, the Support player needs to be aware of which opponent Champion serves the greatest threat and does whatever he can to disable that particular champion as well as to heal the team, depending on his abilities.


Well, these are the roles, and if you think that it sounds complicated, you are right. Like most MOBA games, LoL has a steep learning curve, but it is a definitely satisfying whenever you are able to win games with your team, Just like how satisfied we felt when we won SGAG in our showdown. Oh, haven’t heard of it? Watch the video below then!


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