Interview with Sikeen!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Interview with Sikeen!

Hey all, it’s time for another interview with another one of us! Today, we are going to introduce to you one of our longest serving talents, incredibly versatile, and the only real father in NOC family – Chan Sikeen! If you have watched our oldest videos until the latest, then you’ve basically seen him grow from a handsome young man, to a… still young, but less handsome man.


From this…


To this


But without further ado, let’s proceed with the interview proper!


Hi Sikeen, I’m sure everyone knows you by now, but still, introduce yourself and your role in NOC to everyone!


Hi, I am Sikeen for those who are not familiar with who am i haha. My job consists of sourcing for locations, props, maintenance of equipment, as well as an actor. My signature roles are Sebastian and Courtney! I have also acted as father, grandfather, son, ah beng, you name it, I’ve probably acted as it before.


How long have you been in NOC, and what is the reason that you chose to stay for this long?


5 years? The job scope and everyone else i am working with. Of course there are times when the going gets hard but at the end of the day, the pros weigh over the cons.


Definitely. The experience working here so far has been great for me even though there are ups and downs, and needless to say the amount of things you’ve gone through in 5 years! Also, speaking of your signature roles, the characters that you’ve acted as tend to leave a lasting impression on the viewers, such as Sebastian and Courtney Bak Choi. What are the inspirations for them, and how do you make them so lovable?


There weren’t any particular inspirations for the characters, but it was merely due to the script’s requirements. And initially, I was reluctant because I had to act really girly and to wear a dress. But satisfying the audience is what pushes me to make the characters as lovable as possible. To be able to make them laugh and you know, maybe I can make someone’s day! These factors were the ones that pushed me to do my best despite me not feeling very comfortable in it. But surprisingly, the audience loved them and I guess I’m forever Sebastian and Courtney now. But don’t worry, I’m much more comfortable acting as them now.


Definitely most comfortable as a Canto Beng


Haha, sounds like you really had to be convinced to take up what are now your signature roles. So what was your worst experience in NOC as far, be it as a talent or a crew?


There was a time when a video was shot and reshot and uploaded within 24 hours! Basically we had to come up with a new script and shoot it, edit it etc. By the time I headed home, I was like a zombie and no, I didn’t remember how I got home in JB.


Among all these years of fun and suffering co-existing together, who made your life easiest, and was the easiest for you to work with?


Virus? Not being biased here but he has been here for as long as I am. And we have essentially grown together in NOC over these 5 years’ time. Be it work or life, he is someone that I can really talk to. He is a pretty nice guy! And ladies, he is single!


Yes, Virus is single and available, and will always know which is the good side of you when taking photos. Grab him while stocks last, people. And alright, to end off the interview, what is something that you will like to say to people who might want to join NOC or other YouTube channels as a talent?


Passion and determination. This is not an easy path to take. And you will need to come in with the right reasons, because the wrong reasons will not sustain you and keep you going through the difficult times.


Thank you for your time Sikeen. I’ll leave you back to the sorting of all the wigs that we have.