Interview with Priscilia - Editor, Shooter, & Whatever You Need Her To Be

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Interview with Priscilia – Editor, Shooter, & Whatever You Need Her To Be

After interviewing one of our female talents previously, we now speak to one of our beloved crew members, Priscilia! One of NOC’s original Powerpuff Girls, she’s the editor-in-charge for Spotlight, which releases every alternate Saturdays! Speaking of which, stay tuned this week for the next Spotlight episode!



With a bubbly personality, and often the main contributing factor to noise in the office, let’s check out what she has to say!


Introduce yourself and your role in NOC


I’m Priscilia. I am an editor, shooter and whatever I’m needed to be.


What were you doing before NOC, and did you have any relevant experience prior to joining us?


Before joining NOC, I was working as a barista (NO, NOT STARBUCKS) and taking my diploma in Mass Communications. I came in NOC as a blank sheet of paper.



How did you feel when you first became the editor in charge of Spotlight, a new segment, as well as having to work closely with Sylvia and Rachel?


Stressed. Before taking the job as an editor for Spotlight, I was handling OOTB – the best segment on NOC!!! Compared to OOTB, Spotlight is on another level. Which at that point of time, I am still not ready to take over. Both Rachel and I were new at that time, so I’m glad that Sylvia was there to guide us along.



What challenges did you face as the editor of Spotlight and what did you do to overcome these challenges?


There’s too many challenges to list. But every time I faced any problem, I know there’s always someone in the office I can rely on. Crew always care for each other, they don’t let you suffer alone HAHA. There were many times I want to give up, but Ryan and Virus were always there, constantly reminding me that things will get better.


Okay last question, what do you think your presence has brought to us (the NOC crew)?


I love you all 💖



Writer’s note: Other than joy, fun and laughter, she has brought us tons of sudden screams whenever she spots a bug anywhere


Bonus fact: Priscilia is also a decent cook, and one of her dishes has actually gotten 1 star from Ryan before.


So with that, we’ve come to the end of the interview. The next interview will be done with a talent, so comment below if there are any questions that you’ll like to ask anyone! Till then!


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