Friday, November 2, 2018

What a deal… what a steal… Can’t believe the deal is real! If you want the deal to be real, come and have a great meal! Oh my gosh! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our brand new show called What A Deal… What A Steal! So put your hands together and clap like a seal! A lot of you guys have been asking for good food and we have delivered on Food King. But majority of you are also asking for good deals as well. Therefore we want to bring you to places which have specific deals on specific days so you foodies know where to eat when you are down on the… Moolah! On the first week of every month, we are going to bring you these incredible deals guaranteed to blow your mind! And wait there’s more… You know what’s better than the deals? The steals! If you want bigger savings aka discounts, you’ve got to look out for the steals too. There’s so many places to go so let’s get moving shall we!

Right now we are here at Northpoint City at Núodle! They have 30 branches worldwide but only 2 outlets in Singapore. 1 is Halal-certified at SingPost while this outlet is not but will be soon. So what’s so special about this place? Well, Núodle is actually from Lanzhou and they have been making their La Mians since 1915. They specialize in handmade, hand-pulled noodles which comes in a variety of forms.

Núodle serves the Signature Beef La Mian, Seafood La Mian, Cool Mixed Beef La Mian, Zha Jiang Mian and many more.

There’s also 5 different types of noodles you can get, mainly the normal ones, thin, thick, flat and the oddly-shaped leek leaves-like noodles.

Along with noodles, you can also take your pick at a plethora of appetizers such as beancurd skin, seaweed, pickled vegetables and even the beef/vegetable pancakes.

This is the time you’ve all been waiting for… What is the deal?! Okay, the deal is if you walk into the store and order the signature Beef La Mian set, you can get it at $15.60! What a deal!

But wait, here’s an even b-b-better deal… If you download the Fave app and order the same La Mian set, you get it at $10.90 instead. What a steal! So go download the app now and enjoy this steal right away!


1 Northpoint Drive #01-175, Singapore 768019

10.30AM to 9.30PM Daily


Next stop, we are here at this Asian-inspired tapas place called Mama Soi. It is located along this stretch at Cuppage where everyone hangs out at night to chill out and drink. Speaking of which, they’ve got a variety of drinks, from draft beer to wine, moscato, merlot and even pinot. Nice!

The unique thing about this place is actually the food. Because all the food here is under $20! Soi amazing! You can order their oven-baked Rod Fai Chicken, Pork Belly Rice, Beef Short Ribs, Fried Chicken Wings and this interesting dish called Son-In-Law Eggs! Overall, this is a great place to hang out with friends for beer and good food. Now on to the deals…

The first deal, ladies and gentlemen, is that you can get freaking $10 draft pints everyday till 8pm! That’s pretty amazing. So what’s the steal?

The steal is, in the month of November, you can come here and chug down 3 pints of beer. If you do it at the best timing, you will win a PlayStation 4. Yes, just like that! Are you game?

Mama Soi

33 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terraces, Singapore 229458

12PM to 2AM Daily


We are right now at Mouth Restaurant, which is actually 30 years old already. Inside, you will feel a lot of Hong Kong vibes. Apparently, this is the theme which they want us to feel. It’s like a mini Hong Kong in here!

They have a lot of food here. But we going to focus on the few mainstay ones, mainly the Carrot Cake, Chilli Crab, Lobster Vermicelli and the Liu Sha Bao aka Custard Bun.

Their Carrot Cake is actually pretty good. We like that they are in little cube form. Feels like you are eating bite-sized carrot cake.

What’s special about their chilli crab is the sauce. It’s the ketchup-y side of their Chili Crab that stands out. Not spicy but very pleasantly sweet. We like it.

The portion of the glass noodles is surprisingly generous. The lobster is pretty good too.

Oh wow! The custard buns… They are so damn good! The explosion of sweet custard and savoury salted egg yolk in your mouth is simply irresistible. And did we say it flows like river? Well, you’ve got to see to believe it. Overall, the food here are all pretty legit. This deserves a feature on Food King really. Maybe one day we’ll be back again. So stay tuned. On to the deals!

So the deal is… for $124, you get a 7 course meal for 4 pax. That’s definitely worth it.

And the steal is crazy! Spend $65 to buy a $100 cash voucher when you use the Fave app! Yes $65 for $100. Now clap like a seal for this outrageous deal!

Mouth Restaurant

22 Cross Street #01-61, China Square Central, South Bridge Court Shop House, Singapore 048421

Mon to Fri, 11.30AM to 3PM | 6PM to 10PM

Sat to Sun, 10AM to 4PM | 6PM to 10PM


Right now we are here at Olivia & Co at Suntec City. This cafe sells All-Day Breakfast as well as all the sweet, savory delights and their well-known coffee made from Bali Kintamani beans. They also serve a huge variety of Asian-infused Western dishes and drinks.

So we’ve got Laksa Pasta, French Toast Brioche, Big Cheesy Burger, Eggs Benedict and Crab and a variety of indulgent milkshakes such as the tiramisu milkshake. All of the dishes here cost $20 or less. That’s value for money!

So here’s the deal. When you spend spend $30 here during the month of November and December, you stand a chance to win plane tickets to Bali and other staycation places. Free vacations anyone?

Okay, here’s the steal though. From Sunday to Wednesday, 5pm – 8pm, all main courses will be 1 for 1! Including their All-Day Breakfast!!! But do note that all the sides are not included. That’s some steal right there yo.

Olivia & Co

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-481, Singapore 038983

9AM to 9PM Daily


Welcome to Shin Minori at Katong Square. This is a Japanese ala carte buffet restaurant, having been around for more than 11 years. And they are famous for their huge variety of food. Just how big are they? Let’s find out.

Okay, it’s true alright. Believe it or not, they have 163 items!! And what you see here is just 10% of the entire menu! They have all the sashimi, tempura, roes, yakitori, mentaiko sushi and so much more. You want it, they have it. Everything also have. If you want value, portion and variety, this is the place to be. They even got an alcohol buffet… sake, red wine, white wine, umeshu… Drink till you drop.

Overall, what we like about this place is that the food is made to order. Also, in most of the buffet places, we have to go out and pick the item that we want. Very troublesome. However for here, simply order from the iPad and your food will arrive. Yes we are all lazy foodies!

And the deal is… $59.90++ for unlimited buffet with 70 minutes of free flow alcohol!! Golly!

And for the steal, the 2nd diner gets 50% off the buffet! Hot damn! What a time to be alive!

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant Katong

Katong Square 88 East Coast Road  #02-08, Singapore 423371

Mon to Sat, 10.30AM to 2.30PM | 6PM to 10.30PM

Sun, 12PM to 3PM | 6PM to 10.30PM


There you have it. All the deals and steals we can find. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab your deals now before it’s too late! Or simply check out our video below to see what you might have missed.