Happy New Year and welcome to another episode of What A Deal, What A Steal! Today, we are excited to bring you a variety of cool F&B products, ranging from dabao food, bubble tea, seafood and even Chinese New Year delights! What a way to begin the year. In addition to all the good deals we are bringing you today, we are going to be give away $100 cash vouchers from each of the merchants showcased here. All you need to do is to Follow us on Instagram, Like our Facebook page, Subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment down below. We will be picking 5 of you to win these awesome prizes!

We’re now here at Menya Musashi and we are going to have this ramen set that comes with black, white or red ramen broth. Interesting. What’s more, there’s even pipping-hot gyoza and drink with the set.

If you are in the CBD area and is craving for a good hearty bowl of ramen, come here and try them out!

Also, part of another set is this Unagi bowl that’s super satisfying. It seems like the unagi is grilled to perfection and served right off the barbeque pit. Yummy!

Just look at the caramelisation!

Let us introduce you to some good deals! Ladies and gentlemen, if you download the Fave app, you’ll get the Unagi set at $19.90 instead of the usual price of $26.80. That’s an incredible deal!

But wait, there’s more. Here comes the steal… You can actually get the ramen set for half the price at $12.90 instead of $24! What are you waiting for?

Menya Musashi

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road #B1-44c, Singapore 8179103

11.30AM to 10PM Daily


Right now I’m here at Giant and you might be wondering why on earth am I in a supermarket. Well, it’s because Chinese New Year is coming! Which means we are probably going to host a lot of people at our homes and even in our offices. So I’m going to show you some super simple and convenient ways to ace your office and home steamboat parties without breaking a sweat. Let’s go check it out.

Oh my gosh, it’s a steamboat party! Look at all these food sashaying in front of me. Before I tuck in, let me share with you a little secret that will revolutionize the way you have your steamboat parties. Yes you heard me right. This is a steamboat bundle that’s the first of its kind! Really value for money, especially for office parties!

Instead of going to great lengths to comb through the entire supermarket for your never-ending list steamboat food, all you need to do is sit down, relax and let Giant do all the work. Yup. Everything is pre-packed nicely just for you. Wondering if there’s enough variety for your colleagues, fussy cousins and nieces? Fret not. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in this Joy Steamboat Bundle.

Portion-wise, there’s like a ton of vegetables, seafood and meat. Simply enough to feed your whole family, friends and even the office!

Mussels, mussels everywhere!

Humongous Hokkaido scallops, anyone?

Our favorite Iberico Pork Belly!

Yes there’s prawns too!

Now the deal is, you can get the Success Steamboat Bundle at $88, the Joy Steamboat bundle at $128 (best value for money!), and the Premium Good Luck Steamboat bundle at $168! 

Whether it is a reunion party for colleagues, friends or families, Giant’s new Heavenly Steamboat Feast service will make it a fuss-free affair for all this Chinese New Year. The Success Steamboat Bundle (4 pax) is great for small families who want to spend quality time and bond with each other over a delicious hotpot set-up. The Joy Steamboat Bundle (8 pax) is perfect for large gatherings with all your foodie colleagues, great for savings so you have more time to gossip, play mahjong and huat! The Premium Good Luck Steamboat Bundle (8 pax) is especially ideal for impressing your colleagues and family during CNY parties with a variety of premium ingredients.

What we really love about this is that you actually have your portion size settled here so you don’t have to worry about under-ordering or over-ordering. So what’s the steal?

Well, you will get a free two-tier electric hotpot worth $110 when you buy the Abalone & Fragrant Chicken Treasure Pot at $118.90! What?! Happy New Year to you alright! You’re welcome!

Can’t wait to order? You can click and collect the above bundles online through this link right here, or head down to order at selected Giant hypermarkets*. It’s that simple! 

1. Place your order online or in-store

2. Choose a *pickup location and time that suits you

3. Collect from your selected hypermarket

*Available at Giant Tampines, IMM, Suntec City and Sembawang

Ordering starts from 7 Jan, so be sure to check back at Giant’s website to place your order!


Sawa-teacup! Would you and your royal tea like to come to my tea Partea? Everybody, we’re here at Partea and we will be trying an assortment of delicious healthy tea. Partea have a couple of branches islandwide so check them out if you love anything tea.

This colorful 4 Season Rainbow Tea is their signature drink and we’ve got to say this looks and taste really healthy because of all those fruit infusion happening in the cup.

They also have the Brown Sugar Milk Tea which will definitely make you want to Partea all day!

How about some refreshing Amber Milk Tea? Oh ya here’s a secret… The milk tea here are made with fresh milk. Not just the milk powder stuff that you normally get elsewhere.

All the teas here are made with real tea leaves from Taiwan. No wonder they taste like the real deal. Let’s go to the deals!

So the deal is you can get a Rainbow Tea for only $6.90! How Fan-Tea-stic…

But here’s the steal! If you download the Fave app, you’ll get the both Rainbow and Amber Tea for the same damn price of $6.90! So instead of getting one, you get two. This is what we call the best of both worlds. Wow!


Century Square, 2 Tampines Central Singapore 529509

11.30AM to 10PM Daily


We’re at The Boiler right now and boy do we have a seafoody surprise just for you. Also, this place is certified Food-King Good! This is one of the best, if not the best, seafood places we’ve ever been. Read on and you will see why.

What a feast! Shhh. Aquaman will be furious if he sees this…

Right here we have the Bombdiggity Bag! And yes, that’s a dungeness crab alright. We’ve got to say this is so damn worth it. Just look at the portion and size of all of them. We hope you’ve got a huge appetite to finish all of it.

The moment when you found out the crab’s bigger than half your face…

This is the TGIW, or Thank God It’s the Weekdays. This is more like a palatable lunch. Just about the right portion if you are not super hungry.

Love grilled lobster? Then you will love this Grilled Boston Lobster!

And then there’s the sides galore too. Yum yum!

Beer for $5 per pint?! You’ve got to be kidding!

We’re going to give you some awesome deals so listen up. If it’s your birthday month and you come and dine here, you’re going to get a free Boston lobster worth $75! Golly, I wish it’s my birthday already.

But here’s the steal. And this is gonna be even more impressive. On weekdays, the TGIW bag is going to be half-price at $24! What a steal!

The Boiler @Esplanade Mall

8 Raffles Avenue #01-13A Annexe, Esplanade Mall Singapore 039802

Tues to Thurs, 12PM to 2.30PM | 5.30PM to 11PM

Fri to Sat, 12PM to 2.30PM | 5.30PM to 12AM

Mon, 5.30PM to 11PM


Oh my god! I’m such a failure… I can’t even cook for Chinese New Year! Now my whole family is going to think I’m a disgrace! Has this ever happened to you? Well, thankfully we’ve got just about the right solution you need. And this include keeping your grumpy mother-in-law beaming with delight. Here’s how…

Cheer’s to this bundle from Food-King Good certified Tien Court Restaurant. This hassle-free Chinese New Year takeaway is called the Longevity Family Bundle and it has everything you need to have a feasting good time with you family.

In this bundle, we’ve got Yu Sheng for longevity and wealth.

The Steamed Lotus Rice which is steamed in tea leaves.

Delicious Nian Gao or sticky cake.

Let’s not forget the crispy Roast Chicken that everyone loves.

And of course, we have our personal favorite, Peng Cai! Have you eaten Peng Cai that have a gorgeous variety of ingredients that’s bound to blow your mind? Well, this on earth here is loaded with  chicken wings, abalone, pig trotter, mushrooms and Cantonese pork sausages coated in this divine sauce that will harmonize your life. So don’t forget to buy this Longevity Family Bundle because it’ll bring you lots of good luck this 2019. Huat ah!

Now let’s move on to the deals and steals. First the deal is that you can get this Longevity Family Bundle for only $388! And the steal is that if you quote NOC, you will get a $188 dining voucher off when you collect your set! Wow!

Tien Court Restaurant

Copthorn King’s Hotel, 403 Havelock Road, Singapore 169632

Mon to Sun, 12PM to 2.30PM | 6.30PM to 10.30PM


There you have it. All the deals and steals just for you. So Happy New Year! And may all things go your way. Just don’t be like Aiken wearing a plastic that’s flying away… Click on our video below to catch what good deals you might have missed.