Monday, July 30, 2018

This week! We are on the hunt to capture illegal street food sellers (not!) And find you street food that is not just legitimate, but legitimately good! So obviously, you can’t set up a mobile stall just any old where in Singapore but after arresting Dee Kosh (sedap), we are on the hunt for delicious street food from all around the world!!!

1. First up! Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap ($5)! Now two main differences between Kway Chap that we are used to and Thai Kway Chap is the soup and the kway! The soup is a cloudy peppery broth reminiscent of a ba ku teh and the kway isn’t flat but curled up! You can get most of the side dishes in the signature set but we recommend ordering their pork belly, and fish sausage! Crispy skin on that pork belly and a truly unfishy fish sausage!

Ratings: 2.5 Stars

Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap

945 Upper Serangoon Road, S(534711)

11am-11pm (Tues-Sunday)
3pm-5pm (Break Time)
(Closed on every Monday)

The Salted Plum is a restaurant known to be famous for their Taiwanese-inspired dishes ($5 to $10) among CBD workers at Circular road.

They are housed in a two-storey shophouse, honestly, I prefer sitting downstairs as compared to the upper decks. The second level seems more spacious but echo-y, while the bottom level to me has a better lighting setting for all your food shots, or maybe that’s just my legs telling me not to walk up.

Enough said, just go and try their Braised Pork Belly($10),  aka “Lu Rou” in special house made soy sauce, it melts in the mouth, hands down one of the best I’ve ever eaten because of the depth of their Chinese Wine in that sauce.

And what better than to order this with some of the “Shiny Rice” ($0.50) drizzled with lard and garlic oil, and stop thinking about the calories momentarily.

Pricing at $10, their lunch rice bowl($10) is a big hit among CBD people with choices of Lu Rou Fan, Steak Rice, Fried Chicken Rice, Vegetarian Bowl, Seared Salmon Bowl, Pork Chop Bowl, and Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice.

What we also tried, loved, and recommend:

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

The Salted Plum

10 Circular Rd, Singapore 049366

Operating hours : Daily,1130am-2:30pm and 6 -930pm

Last but definitely not least, we’ve moved from Taiwan to Penang (said to be the Food Capitol of Asia) with the Penang Buffet at Princess Terrace that has been serving up the SAME BUFFET SINCE THE 70’S (older than Dee Kosh’s grandmother) (Not). And let us be let you know that this place is legitimately delicious. Now first up on the list, Kueh Pie Tee or as I would regard it – Premium Pie Tee! It had a really good bite of the prawns, and the turnip (Mang Kuang, according to Ryan) was soaked in this umami broth that made the perfect filling for the Kueh Pie Tee!


We tried the Hae Mee which had really potent and rich broth with pork ribs and mifen mian and loved it!

We also really loved the Char Kway Teow and thought it was really much better than the one we tried in Penang itself! This was good because of the serious wok hei happening in this dish. It usually is unusual to have like hawker-quality dishes with legitimate wok hei in a hotel setting. This one was loaded with thick, succulent prawns, lub cheong, and the other usual suspects!

Bearing in mind that these are only but 2 or 3 out of the numerous dishes, you’ve gotta go down and try it for yourself but even as you go along the mains, do NOT forget to leave space for the delicious kuehs. We don’t know how, but they’ve got their kuehs in bite-sized assortments that is perfect for a buffet. It’s not only a delicious, but each kueh really carried its own in terms of flavour and colour. Shiok Marder.

Ratings: 3 Star, Food-King Good!

#FoodKingProTip: Drop our name ‘FOOD KING’ while making payment to enjoy 25% from now till End August 2018

Princess Terrace Café 

Location: 403 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169632

Operating hours Daily,: 6-1030am, 12-2:30pm and6-1030pm

Copthorne King’s


buffet lunch (mon – thu) ++49.80

buffet lunch (fri – sun / ph) ++51.80

buffet dinner (mon – thu) ++53.80

buffet dinner (fri – sun / ph) ++56.80

Okay, we’ve talked a lot already. It’s time for you to do 2 things – watch our video, and then go try the food!