Friday, September 7, 2018

Welcome again to this week’s episode of FoodKing! Our beloved Mooncake Festival is finally descending upon us this month! And we are so really excited to bring you the most delicious mooncakes in and around Singapore. Like Chang’er, the beautiful Chinese Goddess of the moon (fictitiously) once said, “The moon is round. And so is our belly… Oh crap, I think we ate too much mooncakes already lah!” Uh-oh! We can’t proceed without Aiken doing his random signature dance again, can we? Oh well…

  1. Our first mooncake of the day will be this incredibly wonderful Durian Mooncake from Golden Moments. This masterpiece is so powerful that Dee Kosh ran back to Jurong the moment he smelled the durian! Thankfully Sylvia is here to save the day. Oh wait, she’s actually here for the durian mooncake. You see, she wasn’t around with us when we tried the mind-blowing durian ice-cream platter from Golden Moments during our Artbox episode. That was the best ice-cream we ever had. Period. If you haven’t already seen that awesome episode for whatever reason, it’s not too late to check it out here! Golden Moments actually crafts out premium durian products that’s really good and this version of durian mooncake is no exception.

We like how they¬† made the exterior kinda black and sprinkled gold dust on top. The snow skin is actually made of bamboo charcoal and the inside is filled with premium Mao Shan Wang durian. The bite is really delicate and the taste of the durian is surprisingly not overpowering at all. It feels as though we are eating a custard rather than an actual durian. If you love durian and haven’t experienced durian ecstasy before (yeah this sounds erotic i know), this is it! In fact, this is by far the best durian mooncake we have ever eaten. You simply got to try this to believe the unbelievable!

The other durian dish that is available in Golden Moments is this incredible-looking Galaxy Durian Cake. Just like its name, the Galaxy Cake is aesthetically the most beautiful cake we have seen. You can literally see the Milky Way if you stare at it long enough… Maybe not.

The cake is made up of 100% premium Mao Shan Wang durian, cocount and cheese mousse, sprinkled with 24k gold leaves on the top. We love how the layer of coconut adds a tarty flavour to the overall taste to kind of balance the thickness of the cheese mousse. Even though both durian and cheese is already so rich, this cake still manages to pull it off by harmonizing all of these rich ingredients together into one perfect masterpiece. Speaking of a match made in Galaxy! Simply amazing.

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Golden Moments


2. We are now here at Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Hotel to try an assortment of mooncakes. The snow skin mooncakes here are really unique, each with their own individual appearance, flare and taste. Let’s see what they have in store for us!

First up, we will be kicking off with the Mao Shan Wang and Durian Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncakes. The durian in both mooncakes taste and smell abit too overpowering. Just ask Dee Kosh. He must have regretted running back here from Jurong already haha! Also, it feel like eating a whole durian on its own. Because of that, the taste of the Gula Melaka is barely noticeable which is such a waste.

Here we present to you the Chicken Ham and Nut Mooncake. This is unlike anything we have tried before. Who puts ham in a mooncake, really? There is a lot of unique texture and taste to this mooncake; there’s the texture of the mixed nuts coupled with the sweet and saltiness of the ham. An unexpected taste from a mooncake we never expect.

Next is the Lychee & Soursop mooncake. And boy is this good! Even Aiken gives this a rousing YES! Imagine a really good mango pudding, but made of lychee and soursop in a mooncake. What an innovation! The sourness really refreshes your palate but is not overly strong due to the lychee. This mooncake taste really interesting and definitely stands out from the rest of the mooncakes we have eaten so far.


The last one is the Cempedak mooncake, which derives from the family of jack fruits. Just like the durian mooncakes in this box, the Cempedak can be abit overpowering. If you don’t like durian, you may like this one. Ryan’s definitely not a fan.


Ratings: 2.5 Stars

Pan Pacific Hotel (Hai Tien Lo)

7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595

Mon to Fri, 11.30AM to 2.30PM and 6.30PM to 10:30PM


3. Our final destination is Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt. Here, you can choose to order the traditional mooncakes or the alcoholic snow skin ones. Today, we will be trying the latter. Let’s go!

The Lychee Martini Truffle mooncake is surprisingly fruity and refreshing. The Martini is also pretty light. Good for those who want something mild and fruity.

The Champagne version has a nice blend of Champagne and Baileys inside the mooncake. The truffle also compliments really well with the Champagne. This one’s a tad stronger than the Martini in terms of alcohol level. Guess Ryan found out the hard way. Poor fellow.

Peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly! If you like anything with peanut butter, you will probably like this one. The Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Truffle mooncake is like a trip down memory lane where we had Skippy for breakfast when we were oh-so-little. How nostalgic! Makes you want to be a kid all over again. Just don’t get too intoxicated thinking about it.

Not to be mistaken with Golden Moment’s mooncakes (yes they look alike), the only difference is the Black Sesame & Walnut you will find inside this one instead of Mao Shan Wang durian. Nonetheless, this is still very good. The black sesame tastes really thick and the earthiness goes well with the richness of the truffle right smack in the middle. If you like black sesame, this one’s for you.

Last but not least, we have the Strawberry, Lime & Tequila Truffle mooncake. This is by far our favorite among the truffle mooncakes here. The strawberry and lime is perfect together. Add in the tequila, the entire experience suddenly packs a punch. Or even a kick! Ooh la la!

Ratings: Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Grand Hyatt (Mezza9)

10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

Lunch – Mon to Sat, 12PM to 3PM | Sunday Brunch – 11AM to 3PM

Dinner – Fri to Thurs, 6PM to 10.30PM | Fri & Sat, 6PM to 11PM


We have come to the end of this week’s episode and we hope you had as much fun as Dee Kosh’s disappearing act. Wanna see how he did it?

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