Friday, October 12, 2018

Hello everybody! It’s Friday and that means it’s Food King day! And guess what? We have a special guest with us. She’s witty. She’s funny. She’s our very own Michelle Chong! Today we will find out where exactly does Michelle goes to eat. Are they Food King worthy? Let’s find out.

  1. We are now right here at Famous Treasure where we will be trying 3 dishes absolutely loved by Michelle.

The first dish is the Teochew Style Cockles. This is Michelle’s favorite dish and we can see why; these cockles are specially marinated with sesame oil and chilli, giving them a smooth texture that also taste very fragrant when you eat it. The chilli paste does really well to balance the shellfish taste too. And be warned… The cockles are really spicy! Very strong and potent yet so appetizing and delicious at the same time. No wonder Michelle say she can eat the entire plate all by herself. It’s that good!

Next up is roasted delights! This wonderful platter serves up a combination of roasted duck, pork and char siew marinated with honey. The skins here are really interesting and impressive. Take the duck meat for example. It is really thin but is still crispy and has a good roast to it. The char siew is also pretty good. Very thick slab of meat glazed with sauce that is not overly sweet.

We simply love the roasted pork. You can literally hear crispiness of the skin crackling in every bite. Not to be outdone, the meat is soft and jelly-like. And the fats even melt right in your mouth. This is why we call it roasted delights. Eat already will feel happy! Yummy!

Our last dish here is the Salt Baked Flower Crab. And boy is it good! The salt baked method of cooking the crab does so well to bring out the sweetness of the meat. Speaking of which, we are really surprise to find that the crabs here are so meaty. The flesh are like overflowing with meat! Best of all, the crabs are not hard to eat at all. Such a simple dish, yet so wonderful at the same time. Simply must try!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Famous Treasure

13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #02-28, Singapore 178905

Daily 11.30AM to 10.30PM


2. Japan travelers researching a trip to Kyoto will inevitably come across the word “kaiseki” – usually hyped as a must-try culinary experience.┬áTo the outsider, kaiseki appears to simply be a multi-course Japanese dinner made up of beautifully plated dishes.But there’s so much more to this meticulously prepared, exquisitely served and, usually, very expensive meal. And today, we are finally here at this atas-looking Japanese restaurant called Yoshi to immerse ourselves in this fine dining experience like none other.

Yoshi’s Omakase consists of a 9 course meal serving up starters to main courses. We will try their starter Hassun, which is marinated chrysanthemum with fish in the middle. There’s a lot of flavours and texture in this dish. You can even taste the chrysanthemum. Very interesting. That’s not all. Noticed that weed or wheat-looking thing behind? Nope, that’s not a decor. You can actually eat it! And it taste like freshly popped popcorns! We are mind-blown.

Moving on to the Sashimi. Here we have the Chutoro and Ootoro from Nagasaki. And what the chef does is that he sear them over the charcoal, locking in all the fatty moisture. This way of cooking is called Aburi. We really love the marbling on the meat. Oh my goodness! This is soooo good. Every bite is like a burst of juice that melts in your mouth. We are sold on this one.

Next up is Beef Hotpot. The beef soup broth comes with a nice slab of beef. But you can’t eat it yet because it’s raw and need to be cooked in the soup. And the beef transformed into something so heavenly we simply can eat this everyday. The beef flavour is so incredible, we can hardly describe how we feel for the first time. This is embarrassing. Try it for yourself and you will know why.

And the last dish we are going to try is the Sakura Ebi Rice. What’s interesting is that it is cooked in a claypot with the Sakura Ebi or shrimps. Despite the unique ingredient, the star of the show is the rice. Who could have thought huh!

Ratings: 2.5 Stars


583 Orchard Road, Forum Shopping Centre, Singapore 238884

Mon to Sat, 12PM to 1.30PM and 7PM to 9.30PM | Closed on Sun


3. Michelle’s final recommendation for the day is Red House at Prinsep Street. Red House is an institution and was located at East Coast Park previously. Now they have 2 other branches, one at Robertson Quay and the other at Clarke Quay.

First we will be trying these nice-looking Dim Sum. Here we have the Truffle Mushrooms Dumplings and this is actually really good! The skin is silky smooth and feels like it’s made from premium quality ingredients. The aroma and fragrance of the mushrooms and truffle is enough to make you drool.

Next is this unassuming Crab Meat Boiled Rice. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this dish. The soup is extremely seafoody even though it is only crab meat and rice inside. This is such a comforting bowl of soup that we simply can’t stop eating… bowl after bowl after bowl. Too delicious already! How is this possible?!

Alright, we are going to try the Spicy Seafood Combo. There is a plethora of meat in this single dish. There is fish, prawn, sotong and even scallop in here. The seafood are all very fresh and doesn’t have any seafoody smell or taste at all. Also, the sauce is so lemak! Taste a little bit like Rendang, like a Peranakan-ish feel to it. Very different from anything you’ll have at a Chinese restaurant. Overall very well done.

Lastly, we have the Creamy Custard Prawn. Or should we call it, Creamy Custard Gigantic Prawns. Yes, they are bulbous alright. Fresh too! The sauce is extremely creamy and thick as well. Just as we would have liked.

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Red House Seafood Restaurant

68 Princep Street, Singapore 188661

Mon to Friday, 11.30AM to 2.30PM and 5PM to 10.30PM

Sat to Sun, 11.30AM to 10.30PM


And so we have it! All 3 Food King worthy places by Michelle Chong! And guess what? Michelle even learned a new word from us. Wanna see how that came about?

Click the video below now! You won’t regret it!