Friday, February 8, 2019

Howdy everyone! It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, but don’t you just love having a crispy, fluffy piece of prata? Well, we all do alright! So in this week’s episode of Food King, we tracked down 3 prata places that’s bound to wet your appetite. Can’t wait? Let’s go! And no, Dee Kosh ain’t flipping our prata man.

We are now at Famous Crispy Prata Indian Muslim Food at Crane Road. Ever tried prata with sambal? Yes you heard us right. This unique stall does indeed serve their prata with sambal and it’s a rare sight to behold. We wonder how it will taste.

The best way to find out if the prata is good is to eat the ‘kosong’ or plain one. This is true because there are so many factors that will affect the quality of prata, such as the dough or temperature, right down to the flipping. So today, we shall be trying their plain pratas. Here goes.

The prata is actually not super crispy like we expected it to be. But is it still really good. In fact, the top is still crispy and it has a bit of a soft doughy base to it. Just about the right balance. We pretty much like this version.

Next is the curry and we are having just the chicken and fish curry. Taste and aroma-wise, we especially like the fish verion as it has a soury twang to it. Goes super well with the prata. Now this is where things start to get even more interesting – the prata tastes even more heavenly when you dip it together with the special sambal chilli. What?!

Yes time for the sambal… Good heavens! We really love it! The sambal alone taste something like sambal tomis, slightly sweet but less spicy. But eaten together with the prata and curry, they complement wonderfully well. We are lost for words.We highly recommend you all to try it for yourself.

We also tried their Coin Prata and they are equally good too. Just about the right amount of texture and crispiness. Real solid stuff.

Needless to say, Famous Crispy Prata Indian Muslim Food has a total of 3 Stars and it’s undoubtedly Food King Good!!!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food King Good!


Poh Ho Restaurant, 7 Crane Road, Singapore 429356

Daily 6.30AM to 1.30PM


And right now, we are along MacPherson Road at this place called Julaiha. Incredibly, this stall is already in it’s 4th generation and the owner has been here for 21 years! That’s some dedication right there man.

Teh Tarik anyone?

What’s even more interesting is Dee Kosh’s claim that the prata here is one the best ever in Singapore. Bold statement indeed. Let’s put Dee’s word up to the test shall we.

We will be trying both the plain and egg prata this time.

We noticed how well they fry the prata and fluffs all of them up before serving nice and hot. Mesmerizing stuff. Okay, that’s just Aiken. Silly as always. Oppsy!

Wow wow wow! This prata is insanely good! First we got to say they actually cook the prata fresh and serve them pipping hot and crispy. And we don’t know how they do it but the texture of the dough is so soft and fluffy, you can literally sleep on it like some really nice pillow. This is some mind-blowing stuff.

Both prata goes well with the curry too. Even though there’s no sambal to go with, the prata itself is so well done it is simply palatable enough to go with anything and still taste this good.

Just when we thought we can’t have our minds blown enough already, the owner revealed a secret way of eating the prata – wrapping it with mutton meat and curry. And boy this changes everything! It’s the best thing ever alright.

Okay, Dee Kosh is absolutely right about this place. The prata here is simply amazing. And they opens 24 hours too! Another reason to drop by anytime. And with that, Julaiha has a total of 3 Stars and it is Food King Good!!!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food King Good!!


538 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368222

Daily 24Hrs


Our final stop takes us to Springleaf Prata Place at Jalan Tua Kong. What sets this stall apart from the rest is how they create and innovate their pratas, turning them into one of the most unique and interesting western-infused pratas we’ve ever seen. Don’t believe? Take a look.

We are going to try 3 of the gourmet creations today – Dee’s personal favorite Prata Alfredo, the delightful Umani-50 and the filling Murtaburger! Such cool names for even the most hardcore prata fans out there.

Oh lord, if you have not tried The Alfredo before, you know what they say… If you haven’t gone Alfredo, you’re as extinct as a dodo! Oh well, William Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave right now.

The Alfredo is a unique fusion of mushroom, cheese and cream wrapped into one mouth-watering prata. There’s a bit of a sourness that comes from the funk of the cheese. But it is incredibly creamy.

We actually find it hard to believe that this is even a prata at all. This just doesn’t taste like prata at all. If you want to try something different, you will like this.

The serving of ingredients is pretty generous.

This is the ultimate cheesy, creamy and mushroomy goodness. Yummy!

Drooling already huh?

Next up, we will be trying the Umami-50. This is probably one of the unhealthiest prata we’ve ever eaten. So if you haven’t had Umami-50, you gonna have a small tummy! Too bad we can’t resist.

The Umami-50 is covered with a thin and crispy layer of prata and blasted with melted cheese.

This sinful piece of art is embedded with an interesting combination of savoury chicken spam, sweet Japanese mayonnaise, chicken floss, mushrooms and stringy cheese. Holy!

Spams, spams and more delightful spams!

With all these ingredients that go into this creation, how can one resist the temptation from not ordering it?

Here comes the Murtaburger! And it will exterminate you… and your weight aspirations. Okay, we are just kidding. Just enjoy and forget the calories.

The Murtaburger is Springleaf’s pride and joy and it’s not hard to see why. This is literally a Ramly Burger wrapped in prata instead of buns.

You’ve got the mutton patty, chilli sauce and mayo all into one.

Taste-wise, this is a tad too confusing for our liking. The chilli sauce somehow made the entire creation too savoury too. We don’t know what to make of this really.

Also, the most pronounced profile that stands out here is the meat due to the gaminess of the mutton. So if you don’t like mutton, avoid getting this. It will be too much for you to handle.

Ratings: 1.5 Stars


57B Jalan Tua Kong, Singapore 457253

Daily 8AM to 11.45PM


We are finally done! And we can literally feel the food coma monster descending upon us. Guess it’s time to work our tummies off in the gym. But before we go, here’s a snippet of Dee Kosh’s new gourmet channel, Thirty. Okay, we made that up. Stop day-dreaming Dee. Someone click on the video below to wake him up please!!!