Friday, November 16, 2018

Hello, it’s Friday! And that means it’s time for another episode of… Food King! Today, we are going to try very specific halal food with different variations of nasi or rice. Yes you heard us right. It’s just rice what yea? Well, we will prove to you the difference between all the nasi! So without further ado, here we go.

We are here at Yes! Nasi Kukus. Okay, the name sounds cool enough. But what’s so special about this place? Well, they cook the rice in individual aluminum bowls very similar to the cup rice in Penang.

So we’re having the signature fried chicken nasi kukus which is actually originally from Kelantan.

The fried chicken is cooked to perfection and taste really nice and succulent. It is not over-fried at all too. We love how to the chicken is not only big, but also juicy and tasty as well. This is pretty impressive alright.

What’s really special here is the Nasi Dagang. This Kelantan dish is a mixture of white rice, as well as red rice. It is so popular rumor has it that an average stall would sell a thousand packet of this a day over in Malaysia. Golly!

A first glance, the red rice seems to look like an innocuous healthy steamed rice. However when you actually eat it, you will instantly taste the richness of the lemak. This is definitely not healthy at all. But it really elevates the dish which goes really well with the chicken. We also like it when they include the achar and the egg in the dish.

Also, the curry is actually a mixture of chicken and fish curry. Taste very much like a Chinese curry. But when paired with the chilli and then rice, the entire experience becomes so damn good! The chilli is the star here. And boy does it pack a punch!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Yes! Nasi Kukus

Blk 573 Woodlands Drive 16, #01-01 Singapore 730573

Daily 10AM to 9PM


We are here now at our favourite food centre, Golden Mile Food Complex. Here we will be trying Nenek Leng’s Nasi Ambeng. The owners of the stall told us that their nenek is their grandmother. So yeah, Nenek Leng made this recipe and passed down to them. Lovely!

So what we are having is the Nasi Ambeng. It is basically a huge platter consisting of an assortment of dishes in one plate. A single platter can serve up to 4 to 5 people. So what do they have in there? Well, there’s the Beef Rendang, Cow Lung, Winged Beans, Sambal Goreng, Achar, Peanut with Ikan Bilis , Bombay Salted Fish, Nasi Ayam Lemak sambal and finally the Burgedil. Wow! All your comforting home dishes in one big plate!

The Beef Rendang is a bit on the sweeter side. Overall it’s ok but definitely not our favorite side here.

Lungs of the cow anyone? We tried it and hats off to the stall because it is a really interesting and unique dish. The texture taste something like beans or black tempeh.

Omg their Winged Beans are really crunchy! Feels like eating the lady’s finger without the sticky gooey texture. FYI We love the crunchy texture alot.

Their Sambal Goreng adds nice flavor and color to the entire dish too.

Achar achar everywhere!

Crispy peanuts and ikan bilis.

The Burgedi is pretty lackluster though. The taste of the potato isn’t so much. In fact, it’s much more to the sweeter side and we wish the outside is crispier too.

Oh my god… This is so good! Their Bombay Salted Fish is something you don’t get to see selling in most places. What this dish does is that it complements the sweeter sides with it’s saltiness. Just make sure you eat it with the other dishes otherwise it will taste too salty on its own.

This Ayam Lemak… The spiciness is deep set in the chicken alright! We love how the coconut is a bit on the heavier side. That’s why it’s called lemak. Super spicy but shiok!

Ratings: 2.5 Stars

Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng

505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-01 Singapore 199583

Mon to Sat, 10AM to 6PM | Closed on Sundays


Right now we are here in NUS and we will be trying the Nasi Ayam Penyet from Uncle Penyet. This is Ryan’s favorite lunch item so let’s see how good this really is.

Their crispy chicken thigh is biggggg! There’s so much texture and crispiness that you can literally hear every crunch. Yummy!

What’s Ayam Penyet without the beloved crispy crumbs yeah? Well, most places just don’t give enough in their servings. However, this one here is really generous with it. And they are crispy alright! Loving this already.

This is the best chilli we’ve ever tasted! No joke. Alone is not that impressive. However, when eaten with the rice, curry and chicken, it really is heaven.

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!

Uncle Penyet Fusion

12 Science Drive 2, Kent Ridge, National University of Singapore

Mon to Fri, 8AM to 7PM | Closed on Saturdays & Sundays


It’s a wrap and boy are we full!! All the rice and curry is making us feel the heat and rightly so. Just look at Dee… This man is on fireeeee!! Check out our video in the link below to see what you’ve missed so far!