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My, my, my…Wow, I be damned…! Why? Because it’s Friday and yes you are damn right! It’s Food King day! And boy, we are so excited to bring to you a splendor of sweet sweet and hearty delights that will blow your mind! But before we reveal this place, we have another surprise for you! We are giving away 3 sets of $100 vouchers and the top 3 winners can stand to walk away with one set of vouchers each! Stay tuned to the end of the article to find out how. So let the games begin!

Today, we are here at Yardbird! And we’ve been dying to try this place ever since it’s grand opening.

Yardbird or better known as The Bird Southern Table And Bar in the US, is a specialty restaurant that serves good old Southern comfort food coupled with unusual combinations in their menus.

Now that it finally hit our shores and sitting comfortably in MBS, it’s time for us see what’s all the hype is about with this interesting place. Can’t wait….

Oh Hearty-Ho, Hearty-Hey! Look at these impressive plethora of dishes in front of us. They all look so beautiful, delicious and tempting at the same time. But first and foremost, we will be breaking this tasting into two rounds. The first being the main dishes and the second segment will be the desserts. Let’s start with our first round of tasting.

The first dish we are going to try is their house signature Chicken ‘N’ Watermelon ‘N’ Waffles. Yes you heard us right. This unique dish is an odd combination of fried chicken, cheddar cheese waffles and spiced watermelon cubes. We are lost for words.

The signature fried chicken is super juicy and surprisingly tender for a breast meat. The meat also comes so easily and cleanly off the bone.

What’s impressive about their chicken is how moist and flavorful they are. This is really really good!

We love how the battered chicken skin is light, thin and crispy. It is also not greasy at all. Now that’s how to make fried chicken yo! Easily one of our top 5 fried chicken in Singapore.

Now on to the waffles. How good are they? Well, the cheddar cheese waffle is light, soft and fluffy, with a sweet savory cheesy kick to it.

Pair the waffles with a floral sweet boozy Bourbon Maple Syrup and you’ve got yourself an incredibly satisfying treat. Be prepared to squeal with delight. Yummy!

The Spiced Watermelon is a unique side. Cubes of watermelon are coated in powdered cumin, powdered coriander, salt, lime juice, lemon juice, and chili, garnished with mint leaves, then served fresh. Interesting!

Oh wow! The melons are not just sweet! They are sour and spicy as well. Bite in, and you get the savory spicy kick of the seasonings first, then the refreshing juicy fruity sweet flavor of the watermelon. We are shook!

Next up, we are going to be try the Lobster Mac and Cheese, a house signature dish and new mainstay of the revamped menu here.

It’s got a Maine lobster, prepared and cooked with 5 different cheeses. This is the most premium, decadent version of macaroni and cheese we’ve ever had.

The lobster meat has a QQ or bouncy succulent texture, with a bright sweet salty briny flavor that’s so clean-tasting and fresh. The sweetness of the lobster meat combined with the saltiness from the Mac and Cheese is simply amazing. Perfect marriage alright!

Their Mac & Cheese is made of warm, soft, elbow macaroni pasta tubes that are tossed in a blend of 5 types of cheese – cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, provolone and gouda, along with butter and milk. It’s basically cheesy, savory, salty goodness packed in one crazy lobster dish. We are sold!

Remember the good old days where that attention seeking classmate who walks into class somehow catches your eye all the time? Well, this next dish somehow caught our noses big time. And it is the Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs. More to that later.

The meat of this delightful pork rib is so tender and soft, it falls right off the bone just by picking it up. Just like any other pork rib dishes out there, we are so afraid that the sauce would overpower the meat. But not this one – it is perfectly balanced and the sweetness of the sauce is just about right. That’s really impressive.

Now here’s why this smelled so good. The wood they use to smoke the ribs is called Hickory wood and it really brings out the flavor and smokiness of the dish. Yeah it’s smoking good alright!

We’ve met a lot of people who go to other fried chicken places and say the biscuits or buns are damn nice. Well, here we have like Yardbird’s version of that – The Buttermilk Biscuits. These biscuit buns arrive warm, all wrapped up in a towelette! We are stunned by how easily the outer crust broke apart with the slightest pressure, revealing a warm, buttery, cloud-like insides. You can choose to eat it savory with honey butter or sweet, with spiced apple jam. We had the best of both worlds by eating half with each spread. Yummy!

The biscuit bread has a slight firmness to the exterior, with the interior being slightly soft and crumbly. Good bready milky flavour on its own. While it’s not as soft or as fragrant as other versions, it’s still above average in quality for us.

There’s a ton of other unique meat dishes we haven’t tried yet so come on down and explore them yourself. Not convinced? Well, here’s another reason to get you going – We have a $100 Yardbird vouchers to give away to 3 of you! All you gotta do is video yourself telling us your favorite unconventional food combination and upload that video onto Instagram using this hashtag #FoodKingYardBird. Simple enough? Well, here’s the catch… You’ve got to do it in your best Southern accent! Watch the video in the link video for some inspirations from Aiken. It will help a ton! So good luck to all of you. We look forward to receiving your videos. Let’s head back and go for round two, Desserts!

Here we are again at Yardbird. And this time we will be sinking our sweet tooth into some of their signature savory desserts. Are you ready?

On weekends, you can come and bring your pets.

Eh, what’s that thing Dee Kosh is holding? Wait a minute! Are those doughnuts hanging on a tree??

Yessss it is! That’s our first dessert of the day and Yardbird’s wacky rendition of the Doughnut Tree. As good as it looks, Dee somehow turned it into his a Oscars an Oscar Trophy for his new movie.

And so the Best Dance In A Foreign Film goes to…

Here we have the Chicken Biscuit Sandwich. Yes, there’s crispy chicken, egg and cheese sandwiched between two huge biscuits. What an odd combo once again. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Oh wow, this is very very filling! And it is sweet, savory and salty all in one. Just about the right balance.

Did we mention that the egg is a perfect sunny-side too? It’s gonna be a messy meal alright.

The Funfetti Pancake is as interesting and fun as it’s name suggest. It is made from 3 layers of pancakes, drenched in milk and sprinkled with rainbow candies everywhere. The perfect dish for kids!

Oh my god! Look at these rainbow sprinkles. It’s very colorful. The sprinkles even have flavor. Wow!

Something in this batter makes this pancake taste awesomely good! There’s a bit of a citrus touch that’s quite unexpected. Kids will super love this. We do too!

The Blueberry Pie Pancake is one aesthetically beautiful dessert. 4 stacks of thin, light, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes with berry compote, served with rich bourbon maple syrup.

So beautiful to look at. Simply delightful to savor.

This version of pancake is not as sweet as the Funfetti one. However, it is more fluffy and fruity. We call this the adult pancake for a reason.

Yardbird also serve their own unique version of the All-American Breakfast.

A really filling and hearty meal consisting of eggs, potatoes, a biscuit and even pork!

OH MY GAWD… This is by far the best pork we’ve ever put into our mouth. And it even taste like bacon. Yes, it’s like pork belly but bacon version. We’ve never tasted pork that’s baconised and cooked like this before.

The texture of this pork out of this world – it is crispy and fatty at the same time and simply melts the instant you put it in your mouth. Wow… We are speechless. It’s really amazing how they can turn a pork into such orgasmic perfection. Absolutely mind-blown.


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level Lvl 1-07, Singapore 018972

11AM to 2AM Daily


It’s a wrap and boy are we satisfied! But before we go, here’s a recap of the contest details. Win a set of $100 vouchers by uploading a video of yourself onto Instagram and tell us your favorite unconventional food combination in Southern accent, using this hashtag #FoodKingYardBird. What are you waiting for? Start practicing your best Southern accent now! Or you can be like Aiken posing as a Southerner, with wig and all. Yikes!

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