Friday, July 12, 2019

Hello everybody, it’s Friday and that means another episode of Food King! And guess what? We’ve reached our 100th episode!! Yup, we basically said the same intro about a hundred times now. What started out as an experimental passion project for the love of food eventually became something so expansive yet meaningful for everyone involved. And boy had we made it this far! To commemorate this our 100th episode of Food King, we are going to answer some of your burning questions as well as explain a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes. We will round things up by revealing our ultimate picks for all 100 episodes we’ve featured so far. What are you waiting for?!

The time has come everyone! It has been 100 episodes of non-stop eating week in week out and now is the moment you guys has been waiting for – exactly how much weight did we gain over the course of the entire Food King episodes? For a start, Sylvia and Dee Kosh did not really gain much weight overall. They gain quite a bit at the start of the show but managed to dropped a couple of kilos and maintained their weight. Well done!

Okay, here’s a shocker. Ryan did not gain any weight! Wait what?! Well, that’s because he’s super picky with his food. No wonder he was able to remain the same. We wonder how Aiken is going to react to this…

Ah okay, Aiken couldn’t believe it. So how much did he gain?

Yup he said it. That’s a lot! Aiken gained so much weight firstly because he’s the only one who appeared in all 100 episodes. So much effort and dedication has gone into all these episodes and we’ve got to give a round of applause to him. The other reason for his crazy weight gain is actually due to the nature of his job as a host cum PR person, since it’s inevitable that he will be offered food to try all the time by collaborators behind the scenes. Good for you Aiken!

Alright, on to the next question. What was our most memorable/impactful experience with a stall or restaurant owner? Ryan’s was the aftermath of the pink chicken episode. No idea what was it about? Here is it. Enjoy!

For Sylvia, there was one particular incident that she vividly remembered even though she wasn’t on set that day. Ryan told Aiken to go to his favorite wanton noodle stall, Eng’s Wanton Mee to feature a shoot.

However, Aiken got mixed up and went to the competitor instead. When Ryan arrived at his beloved stall, Aiken was opposite the road in the other stall. Tension was high alright! They ended up shooting for both stalls. And Sylvia was just at home laughing at their misfortune. Ouch!

Dee’s most impactful moment was during the Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Mee episode, where owner had to understudy the business for 5 years before his father finally gave him the stamp of approval. Wow 5 years… That’s as long as it takes to be a doctor!

On a more positive note, one of Aiken’s more meaningful experience was when he was doing the groundwork for the ABC Brickworks episode. He realized all the hawkers were mostly elderly folks who were around 65 years old and beyond. What warmth Aiken’s heart was that they were so willing to share their hawker food and culture with him despite already feeling so exhausted after opening their stalls for half a day, which happened to be their time to go home to rest. This inspiring moment made him want to celebrate the hawker culture even more.

Next up, how many hour does it take to shoot a Food King episode? A good 72 hours! That’s one hell of an effort from the entire team. Salute!

And how do we decide who is going to host each episode?

Aiken of course! He’s da man! Actually, one crucial consideration goes into who host what. And that is the food preference of the host. For instance, Dee dislikes Durian and Ryan doesn’t eat Sashimi. So technically, they won’t be hosting certain segments with these foods in them.

Which side of Singapore has the best food?

The answer is a resounding… East side! That’s because we feel the East has the most variety of food in SG. Special mention goes to the hawkers in the Central area for all the passion and heart put into their food.

Which is the most expensive place featured on Food King?

 Well, the most expensive place is actually the omakase that Michelle Chong brought us to. Sounds familiar? Yup, that place is called Yoshi. The damage came up to more than $200 per person!

The next question for Ryan – How the hell do you make the food look so appetizing?! Ryan did a lot of research and watched a wide variety of food shows such as Chef’s Table. That’s where he got his inspirations for these beautiful shots.

How do we maintain integrity on the show? We will just give our most honest opinion of the food and that’s it. This is because the stall/restaurant owners¬† know that Food King is a show where we rate will be rating their food, and they know we are coming (we don’t go to places unannounced). Then they have to understand that nothing is guaranteed. We really need to let you know that people do pay for feature but we always disclaim in black and white that the review and opinions still have to be authentic. No stars are guaranteed in Food King.

Another question – Address the discrepancy people see from food and portion… There are a few places we went to feature the food and they got their 3 stars. The food was really good when we tried it there. However the standard dropped dramatically, like rock bottom afterwards. The other thing is that some chefs, upon knowing that we are coming, deliberately give us very good food. But to be fair to us, we can only rate it based on what we eat that day. The quality and taste might change when we go down another day. At the end of the day, the consistency of the food is something we cannot control when it comes to ratings.

Before we go into our ultimate picks, the last question of the day is what are our favorite Food King episodes?

Our favorite was definitely Old School Delights!

It was the one episode where we deliberately wore retro clothes to fit into the retro theme and locations. We really love it! Look how slim Aiken was at that time!

It’s finally time for the ultimate Food King picks for the last 100 episodes! We are just gonna say the queues for all these top picks will go insanely mad once we are done revealing them. Are you ready?

Ryan’s picks are…

And here is Ryan’s honorable mentions…

Next is Sylvia’s top picks…

And her honorable mentions are these 2 awesome Japanese restaurants, Kanshoku and Itacho Sushi.

Aiken’s top 3 picks are…


Not to forget his honorable mentions…

Lastly, these are Dee’s picks…

And here are his honorable mentions…

There you have it! We hope that you enjoyed this week’s special 100th episode. Don’t forget to click on our video below to find out what other surprises we have for you in the upcoming episodes of Food King. Deer Penis Soup anybody?