Friday, December 28, 2018

Hello everybody! It’s Friday, and that means it’s Food King day! And today we’re going to be exploring all the different types of beef that we have in Singapore. Not only that, we will also be introducing you guys an easy-to-use online mobile app called ShopBack. ShopBack is an app which rewards users with savings on online stores and now they also do the same for dining spots as well, with Shopback GO! Can’t wait? Let’s go!

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So here’s how you can learn to use the ShopBack GO app in these short simple steps:

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Simple huh! And while we are in the midst of exploring the app, we’ve actually arrived at our first destination, Lolla at Ann Siang road! This unique place serves inspiring yet simple small-plates dishes which combines the finest ingredients and seasonal produce for the best Mediterranean dining experience.

The pork collar here is fantastic. The seasoning is perfect and the texture is amazing. This is definitely the star here. A must try really.

This Sea Urchin Pudding is another mind-blowing dish. Simply because of the explosion of umami when you bite into it. It is incredibly rich too. So if you like uni (sea urchin) or squid ink, and is a fan of hardcore seafood taste, this one’s for you.

This is the Grass-fed Ribeye Steak and our Crème de la crème! Why? It got to be the char. The texture on the char is so good. The steak is also not too chewy and is perfectly cooked. We are a big fan of this beef and rightly so. Glad we tasted the best there is here.

Ratings: 2.5 Stars


22 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069702

Mon to Sat, 12PM to 2.30PM | 6PM to 11PM

Sun, 10.30AM to 3PM


Ladies and gentlemen! We’re now here at Fat Papas! They have a variety of burgers here. And did we say a huge country-fried steak too? Yes you heard us alright. Fried steak! You got to see to believe it.

So here we are trying our very first country deep-fried steak and boy are we impressed. Kudos to the sauce on this steak because it is really good and tasty. We like it a lot.

The beef is really thin and you can’t really get a substantial bite like a normal steak but it is not chewy and pretty well done too. Our first country fried steak certainly didn’t disappoint.

You simply can’t go wrong eating a burger with a name like that! That’s a classic burger all day long.

This is the Caesar Chicken Burger. It’s got bacon, grilled chicken and fries. Pretty standard burger. Nothing mind-blowing here. But we love the fries. They aren’t soggy, limp or overly-salty. Just about right we say.

Last but not least, we are having this secret dish that only Food King knows… And it is created by Sheikh Haikel, the founder of Fat Papas. They basically took the entire chunk of Country Fried Steak and put it into a burger.

And boy this thing is huge. Just look at the size of this monster.

Oh wait, there’s even fries in the burger. No wonder they call this place Fat Papas. It’s FAT alright!

Ratings: 2 Stars


17 Bali Lane, Singapore 189853

Mon to Sun, 12PM to 11PM


Right now, we’re at Aburiya. It’s a Japanese barbeque restaurant and we’ve got a whole lot of food in front of us. But hey, we’re here for the meat! We like how this place serves a whole range of food that you can order. You can do the barbeque youself while having Bibimbap. Amazing.

But the star of the show is their Wagyu Beef. The quality of this beef is so good they actually melt in your mouth. We are not kidding! This is a supernatural experience! One of the best Wagyu Beef we’ve ever eaten!

And if you look at the fat marbling on the meat, especially when you put it on the grill, all the fat will simply melt inside. It’s a sight to behold. There are different parts of the beef as well, so there’s the very coveted fatty part with the highest marbling.

Next, we’re going to try the Beef Carpaccio. It’s very thinly-sliced with a touch of truffle in it. There’s even a bit of caviar on top of the beef. Such a wonderful work of art.

And the taste is very complicated because of all the unique flavours and exotic ingredients that comes with this dish. This is definitely up there with the big boys. We are sold!

Ratings: 3 Stars


79 Boat Quay, Singapore 049867

Mon to Fri, 11.30AM to 3PM | 6PM to 11.30PM

Sat, 6PM to 11.30PM | Sun, 6PM to 10.30PM


We’re here at L’Entrecôt. And we will be trying a plethora of food – the Classic steak and fries which is very common in the streets of Paris, Europe and Belgium, Escargots in cheese as well as the Onion Soup.

The sauce that accompanies the western cockles in this dish is amazing – there’s a unique zing to it that is so different from other places.

This is easily one of the better escargots dishes we’ve had in Singapore. Definitely premium stuff right there. Love it.

This is a pretty good bowl of Onion Soup. We like the how the sweetness of the onions complements the richness of the soup.

Now, onto the main course, the steak and fries. This is the only main course here. Guess it must be good then? Well, the steak, while not an amazing cut and cook, is not very tender. But there’s still a good chew to it.

The sauce however, is very interesting. We’ve got to say the sauce is the secret to this dish. Apparently the manager doesn’t even know what the sauce is! From the looks of it, it has a tangy citrus lift, a bit mushroomy and peppery. But still can’t figure out what is it. A unique plate of steak indeed!

Ratings: 2.5 Stars


36 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089614

Mon to Thurs, 12PM to 3PM | 6PM to 10.30PM

Fri, 12PM to 3PM | 6PM to 11PM

Sat, 5.30PM to 11PM

Sun, 12PM to 3PM | 5.30PM to 10PM


We have come to the end of the episode and we hope you enjoyed all these steaky gems we covered so far. Do remember to download the app for some cashback while you do your shopping this festive season. And also, click the video below to find out what happened to poor Ryan. Adios!