Friday, October 19, 2018

My, my, my… Wow, I be damned! Wow, I be damned…! Why? Because it’s Friday and yes you are damn right! It’s Food King day! And boy, we are so excited to bring to you a splendor of sweet and savory surprise. But before we reveal this place, we have another surprise for you! We are giving away 3 sets of $100 vouchers and the top 3 winners can stand to walk away with one set of vouchers each! Stay tuned to the end of the article to find out how. So let the games begin!


Today, we are here at Black Tap Singapore. Boy, it has finally made its way to our shores from New York City. If this name doesn’t ring a bell to you already, you must be living under a rock. Black Tap is an award-winning New York Burger and Milkshake joint. They are famous for their insane milkshakes called the Crazy Shakes. And we kid you not, these shakes are C-R-A-Z-Y! Just look at Aiken. He just can’t stop shaking. They serve up really good special craft burgers and beer too. Fun fact: Singapore is the only one in Asia to have a Black Tap restaurant. Are we lucky or what!!

The first thing we are going to be try is their Crazy Shake! Look at the array of colors we have here! And when they say crazy, they really mean it. Towering, crazily colorful, visually stunning and oh-so Instagram-worthy. So bring out your phones and start snapping when you are here. Let us give you an Instagram pro-tip: You’ve got to be really really fast with your cameras. Like a FLASH ya know. Take your own sweet time and you will soon see your beautiful shakes melt in front of your very eyes. You have been warned.

Black Tap have an assortment of Crazy Shakes, each comes with their own unique and insane blend of wackiness. In fact, just by looking at any one of the 8 milkshakes here is enough to make you drool uncontrollably. Well, that’s what happened to us. Are you drooling too?

First, we will be trying the Sweet n’ Salty Crazyshake. This behemoth is a sight to behold – filled to the brim with a blend of chocolate frosting, peanut butter, colorful M&M chocolates, whipped cream drenched in caramel sauce-dripping, ice-cream and Pop Tarts. They even managed to find space for Sugar Daddies and Pretzels on top! Impressive! It is very thick and creamy yet not diluted at all. Pretty damn good! If you have a super sweet tooth, and love Pop Tarts, you will fall in love in with this one.

Remember the old-school sweet and colorful cereals? Yes those are Fruity Pebbles cereal flakes. Super yummy and delicious with milk. Now imagine them in whipped cream and toppings. Voila! You’ve got yourself Bam Bam Shake. We love this one so much!

If you don’t like chocolate or vanilla, then Cotton Candy is the way to go. We expected this to be really sweet but it wasn’t the case. Easily the best strawberry shake we ever had! Yummy!

The last shake we are gonna try is this insane cake shake. Yes you heard it right. They put a freaking cake on top of the shake! Surprisingly, the combination wasn’t a sugar overkill. Are you game enough to try this out?

Cookies n’ Cream cravings anyone? This Oreo shake will hit the spot.

It’s Burger Time!! And look at what we have here… Deconstructed versions of so many burgers! These are burgers are unlike anything we have seen before. Looks sooooo good! We can’t wait to tuck in already.

Right here we have this very Asian Cantonese BBQ Burger. We love the familiar Asian flavours that come with every bite. Add bacon and beef in it and we have this perfect Asian-Western fusion burger. Special mention to the magic sauce too! Goes oh-so-well with entire burger experience. Fun fact: Black Tap have many outlets around the world. But Singapore is the only outlet that carry this burger in its menu. #Proud2BeSingaporean

On to the interesting Hoki Fish Burger. When you eat it as a burger and you eat it on its own right, the experience is different and unique. The texture and flavours of the fish and batter are enhanced when you eat it as a whole. Super satisfying. If you can’t take beef or lamb, just go for this. You will like it.

Served with buns slathered with mayo, a massive prime ground beef patty, strips of crispy bacon, a huge onion ring, aged cheddar and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce as the side, this is one hell of a burger experience. The Texan Burger is hands-down one of the best burgers we had. Definitely in our top 3. This is what every burger should taste like. You will know what we mean when you try it.

Sandwiched with wagyu patty, blue cheese, arugula and served with housemade buttermilk-dill sauce, The Greg Norman is very popular burger among New Yorkers. A must try if you love anything wagyu.

Fancy something different? A Turkey maybe? Well, this one’s for you. The Californian is a turkey burger with avocado, Swiss cheese, and truffle mayo.

Ever heard of lambburger? No? Here is it then. Presenting to you, The Lamb Burger! This burger is for those who like the gamey taste of lamb meat. Don’t try it if you can’t take something strong. Chances are you will hate this burger. So which side are you?

Black Tap

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level Lvl 1-80, Singapore 018956

11AM to 11.30PM Daily


It’s a wrap and boy are we full! But before we go, here is the contest details. We know you are waiting for this moment… All you need to do is simply upload a CRAZYSHAKE video (as shown in our episode) on Instagram and hastag #FoodKingCrazyShake

The top 3 winners will each receive a set of $100 BlackTapsg vouchers. Can you beat Aiken to the #FoodKingCrazyShake challenge?