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Friday, March 15, 2019

Hello, it’s Friday and welcome to another episode of… OOTB! Today, we are unboxing… Oh wait! Aren’t this this is the most popular show on NOC? Opps… Welcome to another episode of Food King! We have been showing you where and what to eat for the longest time. And every now and then, we like to throw a spanner into things and review interesting food stuff that we never tried before. So low and behold, for today we are going to have vegan instant food! Let’s get healthy and save the environment for a day. Go vegan!

Disclaimer: This episode has completely no clients nor sponsors. It’s an entirely unbiased take on the food. Just so you know! We are Food King after all!

Our first instant vegan of the day will be hamburgers! This will be the first time we are having a burger that’s not made of beef, chicken or pork. So strange yet exciting at the same time. Wonder what’s our reaction will be. Are you ready? Here goes…

So the burgers we are trying is this Quinoa, Beet and Edamame burger from Paramount. As the name fully suggest, this is made entirely of quinoa, beetroot and edamame, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and chilli.

This is entirely vegan and diary-free. No GMOs, hydrogenated fats and gluten-free too.

Just look at all those beans and legumes. Not sure if we could finish this.

We’ve never said the word legumes on Food King, ever. So this is definitely a first for us because we never had legumes before. The smell is alright for us, however, the texture of this burger is horrendous. It’s really dry and taste like plastic. Oh god…

Would we eat this? Yes we would, only if it’s the only thing left on this table. Combat rations? Nope! We’d rather eat this than rations. Thanks but no thanks.

Ryan obviously doesn’t like it. He’s not a bean person and there’s a lot of legumes and stuff in the patty. Just look at his priceless expression. Poor fellow.

Can we salivate to this before we move on to the next instant vegan? Maybe just for a second? Come on!

Up next, sausages! Yup, you heard us right. Vegan Braai-style sausages from Fry’s. This is apparently a very famous brand when it comes to vegan food products. Let’s see how this one fare.

Looks very much like an ordinary hotdog bun, only vegan. But is this the real deal?

Texture-wise, we’ve got to say they does a really good job imitating the look of a real hotdog. Very impressive.

Before we taste this, let’s put the smell to the test. And to our surprise, the sausages actually smell like bread and cigar! There’s even a Chinese ointment smell to it. We can’t put our foot on this one. On to the taste!

Okay taste-wise, we have one word for it… Horrendous. Ryan is god-smacked by how bad this is. Despite how real it looks, it absolutely taste like a really bad sausage.

Combat rations or this? Well, we are hard-pressed to choose this over rations once again. We are starting to feel so silly over these dumb choices we have to make.

Burgers? Checked. Hotdogs? Checked. Now moving on to the meat balls. Yup. Swedish Style Vegan Balls. This one is from a brand called Quorn and they has recently hit our shores.

In fact, these vegan balls are very famous since they are pretty much the equivalent of the healthier, all-plant version of IKEA meatballs from the same country. Unfortunately, these balls doesn’t come with the sauce. So we drenched them with Prego sauce and have a go.

Turns out to be surprisingly good, even without the sauce. And the texture is quite similar to the IKEA meatballs too. We like how the texture gives a good bite and chewiness to it. We are impressed! We will take these any day over combat rations. No doubt about that.

We are now going into the pasta territory. Here we have the Vegetable Lasagna from Amy’s Kitchen. This is made of all natural ingredients and is gluten-free as well.

This vegan lasagna taste so much better than those lasagnas sold in 7-11. We ain’t kidding! There is also a nice bite from the vegetables as well, probably from the broccoli hidden inside. We can eat this anytime really. Definitely not combat rations.

We have tried a lot of vegan food so far but we haven’t tried our hands on meat-free chicken yet. So we get to try one finally – Chicken Style Strips from the Fry’s family once again.

The chicken looks more like dried beancurd than actual vegan chicken strips. And just like the burgers and sausages we tried earlier (yes, they are from the same family), these are equally disappointing and unpalatable. But this is the worse of the lot – It smells and tastes really bad, and it doesn’t even emulate chicken that much looks or taste-wise.

And it doesn’t stop there. The worse part of this is the after-taste. It has this plasticine-ish aftertaste that is so rancid we almost puke. Wow, for the first time we are going to say…. Send us outfield and give us combat rations instead! We’d rather eat camo paint and Kiwi shoe polish! Oh god…

Next up, we are going to try the Lean Cuisine’s Parmesan Crusted Fish Pasta. Wow Lean Cruisine… Someone finally puts some effort into the name. And the packaging is a little bit more appetizing as compared to the rest. Okay, this is a microwavable instant meal and also our only non-vegan dish today.

We’ve got to say we are pretty impressed by the standard of this instant fish dish. The fish has a good bite with a strong taste at the start but surprisingly, there is no fishy after-taste which we were expecting. We don’t know why but the fish taste fresh and is a lot better than it looks.

We also like the macaroni and the sauce. It’s delicious and we can eat this any day.

Here we’ve the Tortellini with Red Pepper Sauce. This pasta is also from Lean Cuisine. Pretty interesting vegan dish.

The pasta is made with organic red bell peppers and tomatoes and is 70% organic. We like how strong the cheese taste too.

We love how the tomato sauce compliments the strong flavor of the cheese. That’s a win for us right there. This is the best dish we had so far by a mile. Yums!

Last but not least, we’re going to have Quorn Southern Fried Bites. No this is definitely not MacD’s chicken nuggets no matter how hard they try to pass this off as one. Nice try though.

There’s only legumes in this vegan nugget bites. But it looks and taste pretty much like the real deal. Yes, this over combat rations for sure.

Okay, let’s recap what we’ll eat and not eat from today’s episode. We’re going to go for our top 4 choices, in no particular order.

First, Lean Cuisine’s Tortellini with Red Pepper Sauce.

Followed by Amy’s Kitchen Vegetable Lasagne.

Quorne’s Southern Fried Bites.

Quorn’s Swedish Style Balls.

And our undisputed champion is… Lean Cuisine Tortellini with Red Pepper Sauce! And to all our vegans out there, we want to salute all of you. Because we think you’re doing it for good health and also leaving a positive impact on the environment. Respect and cheers to you all.

Alright, so next week we’re going to be back to the drawing boards recommending you where and what to eat. But in the meantime, leave your comments below if you’re going to try any of these vegan convenience food. And also follow us on all our social media platforms. Before we go, here’s a recap of Aiken’s Spaghetti Bolognaise Fury! Can you remember which Food King episode is this from? Hint: It’s from 7-11…

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