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Here we are taking selfies next to the Fountain of Wealth while bringing you… Another episode of Food King! And since we are right smack in the middle of hustling town, we are gonna bring you some new places in town that’s not only value for money but also surprisingly good as well. Let’s get going!

Our first destination is this super cool fusion restaurant called Pasta Supremo located in Suntec City. Here we are going to try some of their awesome signature dishes and pastas. What’s really awesome about this place is the fact that they make their own pastas from scratch, with each dish costing as little as 8 bucks onwards! Now that’s value for money.

These pastas are as fresh as any handmade pasta can be. You even get to choose your desired type of pasta: Long (infused with activated charcoal), Short (infused with beetroot) and Curly (infused with blue pea flower). Amazing.

Before we head straight to the pastas, let’s dig in to some starters shall we?

So for our starters, we are having the Bread with Bak Kwa Jam ($10). Yes you heard us right. This is literally bak kwa on bread! They took the essence of our favorite Chinese New Year delicacy and turned it into a western fusion of sorts.

Despite looking so exotic and unique, the same can’t be said about the taste. It’s a bit too rich and salty for our liking and we couldn’t finish our portion. We suggest sharing this instead.

How about some shallots to go with your beloved Bak Kwa?

Super rich and salty. Other than that, it’s a really interesting innovation. Go for it if you want to try something new.

Okay, now let’s move on to the pastas. The first one we shall be trying is the Vege Wege Pasta ($18). So this pasta was invented because… There was a wedgie involved. Nah just kidding! No wedgies were performed making this pasta.

We see what Pasta Supremo is trying to do here – They try to give a twist to the tradition pastas and this is no easy feat. Let’s hope the taste is something of a twist too.

The Vege Wege Pasta is made with pasta in Asian Pesto, lemon grass and corn. And yes, it’s vegetarian too! If this is meant to be healthy, we can eat this all day.

There’s an explosion of taste in this pasta alright. What really hits you is the aroma of the herbs… You can literally taste the Kaffir lime leaves which really brings out the Asian notes to this dish. How refreshing.

Handmade pastas really make a world of a difference. No wonder this taste so good!

Our next dish is the Supremo Porky Marinara ($15) and boy does this look incredibly good. Strands of long pasta are tossed in a luscious marinara sauce and topped with a chunky meatball and pork belly at the side.

Generous servings of Parmigiano-Reggiano is spread atop the pasta and meatball, giving this unique dish a white blanket of heavenly cheesiness.

No expenses were spared for the meatballs either. Beef and pork were mixed with diced water chestnut for an added crunch, breaking the textural monotony of ground meat.

To our amusement, the pasta is not infused with squid ink but activated charcoal, which is very good for digestion. It is also on the thicker side of life… like us. We like how the pasta is cooked Al dente. Super Q and bouncy. We love it!

An Aglio Olio dish but with an believable spin, the Prawn Olio Olio ($20) is a sight to behold. Visually stunning and almost aesthetic to a fault. Orange beads of tobiko glistened in the light, bringing out the outlandish blue hue of the curly pasta. Simply gorgeous.

There’s Sichuan spices peppering the entire pasta which is also cooked in duck fats. You can even add their super secret chilli mix into the pasta to spice your senses up. Don’t worry, you can still taste the Sichuan spices without it also. If you’re a mala fan, you gonna love this! This is what we call fusion done right. Yesss!

Aiken just revealed a little secret – That this pasta is in a shape of a very twisted seashell… kind of like Ryan’s nipples! Okay, welcome to our first ever Nipple-gate in Food King. Good Lord! As cute as it looks, this is one of the best-tasting pastas we have ever eaten. Now that’s something.

Apart from pasta, they also offer a 300 Day Grain Fed Fatty Wagyu. This is really good stuff. We are kinda taken aback by the price – At only $15, this is arguably the cheapest wagyu beef you can find anywhere, let alone town. Outrageous.

So cheap and good, we are loss for words.

Are you a big fan of pistachio? If yes, then our final dish will be something you might fancy. It’s called The Pistachio Creme. Unfortunately, this is not for the faint-heated. Here’s why.

The aftertaste is too damn strong. No joke! When this first goes into your mouth, you will taste the creme and be like ‘okay’. Creamy and sweet. And then the aftertaste hits you hard¬† in the throat… Bam! That’s when we felt as if we got punched in the face. That’s too much for us.

I think this is really fusion done right ah

We’ve tried so many different places with pastas in Singapore, but we dare say this is easily one of the best places to get fusion pastas because the pastas here is so darn good! And it’s no surprise that Pasta Supremo gets our 3 stars and they are Food King Good!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!


3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City #01-365/366/373 /374, Singapore 038983

Daily 9AM to 9PM


So right now we’re at this place called Da Shi Jia Da Da Da Xia Mian. It literally translates to Big Food Place, Big Big Big Prawn Noodles. Today we will be trying 2 of their signature dishes. Here we go.

The first one we having is the basic Prawn Mee. Interestingly, their prawn mee is actually Penang style. No wonder it taste and looks so different from what we normally have.

Look at this gargantuan prawn! We love how the texture of the prawns are so QQ.

But nope, it’s not as big as Aiken’s face. No prawn could beat that.

The Prawn Mee comes with beehoon noodles, which is actually the thin beehoon and not the thick one. The texture is really smooth and saucy, like those home-cooked kind. Definitely not like those MSG-laden noodles you find elsewhere.

We really love the soup. It is very very rich with a burst of umami flavor. The prawn taste is also super thick. Golly!

Next up we have the Wok-fried Prawn Beehoon.¬†First of all, we’ve never seen a dish like this before. The wok hei here is as strong as Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in Revenant! Yup it’s that good.

It looks like seafood white beehoon but an entirely different level in terms of taste. We are simply blown away by this.

The flavor of the prawn gets absorbed perfectly into the beehoon. We love it so much.

And then of course we’ve the juicy QQ prawns. This almost feels like a zichar dish. And a zichar dish done well indeed. They even gave us a chilli sauce specially for this dish. It compliments pretty well with the prawn. Another plus point.

We are shooked! What more can we say? And with that, Da Shi Jia Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Xia Mian has a total of 3 stars, and it is… Food-King Good!

Ratings: 3 Stars, Food-King Good!


89 Killiney Road, Singapore 239534

Daily 10.30AM to 10PM


Here we are at Green View Cafe in Far East Plaza. And we will be trying their famous handmade Mee Hoon Kuay. And since we have been talking about QQ in the previous locations, we gotta say this is why QQ taste like.

This is al dente maximus!!

This reminds us so much of our Ahma’s homemade Mee Hoon Kuey. The noodles are chewy and of uneven thickness in a good way. There’s so much flavour soaked up by the noodles because of the uneven shape.

And the sauce has a little bit of spice in it. They also added a bit of dark sauce so there’s some sweetness mixed in as well.

This is like a bit hard, a bit chewy, and a bit soft. Basically it’s everything in one. Yummy!

Let’s try some Nian Gao and Prawn Cakes too. These are rare food that we don’t get to see anywhere. Hope they are equally good.

The Prawn Cakes are really crispy and you can feel all the crunchy bits of the prawn. They also sprinkled some corn which adds to the texture and flavor. We are impressed.

Oh my god. The Nian Gao is so good! It is so crispy and fluffy. We’ve never tried nian gao made this way before and are we glad to have uncovered another hidden gem.

Ratings: 2.5 Stars,


14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-96, Singapore 228213

Mon to Sat, 10AM to 8PM


Yessss! It’s a wrap and we hope you enjoyed these delightfully affordable town gems. Before we go, let’s have a dance-off shall we!? A 1, a 2, a 1 2 3 go!

Click our video below to see what you’ve miss! Now dance away.

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