Friday, March 1, 2019

Hello everybody! Welcome to our first episode of Dealicious, where we show you awesome places to eat, shop and have fun along with some Dealicious deals. And since the March holidays are round the corner, we want to bring you to some really exciting places that will give you the best bang for your bucks. So parents, students, children, let’s go!

First up, we are here at the K Bowling Club which is conveniently situated in the heart of town.

This ultra hip joint is not just a plain old bowling centre, but an all-in-one bowling alley with a bar, arcade, darts, karaoke booth and even a pool table! Awesome isn’t it?

Better still, it opens till the wee hours of the morning every single day. No more excuses to say there’s nothing fun to do in Singapore after midnight already huh…

The moment we step into the entrance, we are greeted with dizzying flashes of neon lights spinning everywhere. Catching K-pop music videos blasting away like nobody’s business. We somehow thought we stepped into club by mistake. But nope! This is a legit bowling club alright. And it’s literally a cosmic-themed bowling alley with a hype and atmosphere like no other. It’s time to Partyyyy!

Would you like to have some Brandy, Lychee Martini or Whisky to go with the party, sir? This bar have an assortment of drinks to make make you feel alive again.

How about a game of darts after a few sips of your whisky? These futuristic neon-outlined array of dart machines is aptly placed right beside the bar, just so you can challenge your friends for a round of drinks. Just make sure you are sober enough to hit the bullseye, and not some else!

Sucked at darts? Fret not. Summon your inner Michael Jordan and score with this classic basketball machine. No prizes for beating Aiken’s score.

Having a sudden urge to sing your favorite songs? Channel your inner Jay Chou and belt out his greatest hits anytime you want. Oh wait you can’t sing? Don’t worry, no one’s gonna hear you behind these close doors. So sing till your heart’s content!

Overall, we really like this place a lot. Here you get insane music, bowling on steroids, food, drinks and games. There’s so much fun stuff to do in one place. And best of all, we’ve got a deal for you! If you get the coupon on Fave, you will get 2 games of bowling and 1 beer for only $37 instead of the usual $46. That’s quite a steal!

Now watch Aiken do his lap dance for losing a game of bowling to Dee. Poor fellow.


313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #03-27, Singapore 238895

10.30AM to 6AM Daily


So we are at Wing Stop right now at Vivocity. This is actually one of the biggest wing chains in the world. And Singapore has a total of 6 branches island-wide.

Today we will be having the Signature Platter with the top 3 flavours and 3 different kinds of wings. The Garlic Parmesan is actually chicken thigh. It’s practically boneless, so you can just pop it in your mouth.

And then you have the battered version and the non-battered version, which is pretty cool. We’ve also got the Kecap Manis and the classic Louisiana Rub, which is actually no batter. So it’s just the fried chicken goodness!

Each set allows you to pick up to two flavours, and the combos come with fries, ranch dip, and a soda. We highly recommend that you try their best sellers, mainly the Kecap Manis, Garlic Parmesan and Louisiana Rub.

The chicken here is done two ways: Classic and Boneless. Wings have long been our favorite part of a chicken, but it’s hard to deny the juicy cuts of thigh used for their Boneless option like this Garlic Parmesan.

One of the special thing here that we simply love is the fact that all their chickens are made to order. So they always comes piping hot. Yummy!

Among the 3 flavors, we especially like the Kecap Manis simply because of its Indonesian sweet soy sauce taste and crunchy exterior. There’s even some spiciness in the bite which makes it even more satisfying.

We won’t be chickening around for long. So let’s get on to the deals shall we? Okay, you are in luck! We’ve got a lobang for you to get 30% off these chickens! Simply watch the video and check out the links below. What are you waiting for?!


1 Harbourfront Walk, 02-43 VivoCity, 098585

Mon to Fri, 11AM to 10PM

Sat to Sun, 10.30AM to 10PM


We are going crazy in Timezone at Vivocity! This place is surprisingly huge! No wonder this is their flagship store, where it’s biggest outlet in Singapore. From claw machines, air hockey stations, basketball games to bowling alleys and even bumper cars, this arcade has it all. This is what we call non-stop entertainment!

Wow look at that! The machines here are so advanced and up-to-date.

VR gaming in an arcade? That’s new!

You can actually book the place and invite your friends for parties or any for any corporate events.

And here’s a deal that will bring a smile on your face. If you pay $50, you actually get a 100 credits. That’s literally double of what you pay! What!!! With so much credits, we can’t wait to play now. Let’s go!

Claw machine!!! Catch that stuffed bear for me now Aurelia! I promise I won’t share it with you.

Omg! There’s even a mini bowling alley for kids. How cute!

Look! We are literally kids again! Okay, maybe not. But we do feel like we’ve relived our childhood 3 times over with all the playing. Keep bumping guys!

We are really blown away by the amount of machines and different things you can actually do here.

You’re never too old to come to the arcade to play!


1 Harbourfront Walk #02-143, VivoCity, 098585

Mon to Thurs, 11AM to 10PM

Fri to Sat, 11AM to 12AM

Sun, 10.30AM to 10PM


There you have it. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the first episode of Dealicious! Oh no, Dee Kosh doesn’t want to go home! Naughty boy. Get going now big baby Dee! We’ve got another Food King episode to explore. Yes, Food King will be back again next week and it will be awesome!!

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