Food King: Oldest Restaurant in Singapore?!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Today’s Friday, and it’s Food King Day! , Also, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Muslim friends, and enjoy your long weekend’s worth of festivities! As you might be aware, we have been pushing back our Food King releases till 6.30PM instead of our usual 3PM to make fasting slightly less difficult on you! Trust us on this, it’s definitely not easy to be editing Food King episodes when you’re fasting involuntarily because you don’t have time to eat your meals.

Today’s episode covers a few of the oldest restaurants, hawker stalls, and eateries in Singapore (they have been operating for at least 50 years or more!). And given that they have been operating for so long, they most likely will have what it takes to be around for all these years!


Aiken seems to be already hungry


And where’s Sylvia this time? Well, according to Dee Kosh, after saving Ryan from the hands of Thanos, she’s now engaged as security for the Trump-Kim summit that took place on 12 June! Stay tuned to find out where will Sylvia be in the next Food King episode!


Ryan didn’t feel that good last week


Onwards to the first location! Spring Court Restaurant located at Upper Cross Street which has been operating since 1929! As Dee Kosh says, that’s older than his grandmother! (Mine too, Dee.)


Spring Court along with the compulsory black & white photos


Among the plethora of dishes our hosts have tried at Spring Court, what really stood out were the Roasted Chicken with Minced Prawn (priced at $24/$42) as well as the Lala (Clam) Beehoon (priced at $28, depends on how much clams and servings of beehoon).


The large better be 2x the size of the small one…


It’s pretty uncommon to see places offering Roasted Chicken mixed with Minced Prawns, and it impressed Dee so much that he spoke Chinese voluntarily! And according to Ryan, Spring Court’s Roasted Chicken is roasted the right way, as opposed to those commonly found in chicken rice stalls in hawker centres! (His words, not mine).


The Food King speaketh


Comments on the dish by the hosts:
– Good roasted chicken on its own
– Minced prawns at the bottom provides a sweet seafood flavour
– Skin of the chicken is akin to roasted suckling pig, with a crunch when you take a bite


Dee Kosh’s voluptous clams


Next up, the Lala Beehoon! Dubbed as Dee Kosh’s clams as they are big, plump and voluptous, causing Aiken to lose his appetite.


Let’s see how long can you stare at this GIF.


But that doesn’t stop Aiken from tasting the wok hei, thick sauce, and the fact that the essence of the broth is properly infused into every strand of the beehoon. It is also the first lala dish that Dee Kosh has eaten, that the lala does not overpower the whole dish. You know, that “Wa la la~” impact that you typically get doesn’t happen here, thus making it a very well-balanced dish.




In total, Spring Court is rated 2 stars! Though if judged solely on the two outstanding dishes, it would be Food-King Good!


Ryan’s still eyeing the food.


Next up, Hainan Chicken Rice Ball located at Dickson Road. It has a whopping 98 years of history, and is one of the rare few places to still offer chicken rice in a ball! And once again, Dee Kosh reminds everyone that it’s older than his grandmother. The current generation’s owner has been running this stall for 38 years.


+1 to originality


One special feature of this chicken rice ball is that it can actually bounce! Though we are not sure what does that do to the taste but hey, you can probably throw it at someone and still get to eat it. (No, don’t actually do it)


Serving seems to be generous enough…


Looks-wise, other than the uniquely shaped rice, it doesn’t really stand out from other chicken rice out there. But upon tasting the rice, the flavour comes out really strong, even though it’s a little on the drier side. However, the chicken rice does not mean to stand alone on its own, as it’s supposed to be eaten with the available chicken as well as braised pork, complementing each other to give a well-balanced taste to the whole meal.

Also, what’s different is the pork. Instead of offering roasted pork, Hainan Chicken Rice Ball actually offers braised pork which are more commonly found in Kway Chap stalls.

Nothing particularly outstanding, but still a good meal nonetheless, 1.5 stars!


Half a star~


Last on the list, an eatery located at Far East Square, Nam Sheng Noodle House has 61 years of history, and is managed by a 90 year-old! Not as old as Dee Kosh’s grandmother this time round, apparently.


A pretty unassuming place


The owner is so cute!


While Nam Sheng offers a plethora variety of dishes, 3 of their signature dishes are their Wanton Mee, Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles, and their Venison Hor Fun.

For the noodles used in their Wanton Mee and Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles, they use the same kind of handmade egg noodles which give them their distinguishing yellow colour. However, there is this property in the noodles that gives a very substantial bite to the noodles which is very different from most wanton mees out there.


Once again, seems pretty normal, but the taste…


However, their wantons are slightly lacklustre due to the thick skin. The filling is generous yet peppery, so some may not like it. The char siew they use are the dyed red char siew, which gives a hint of sweetness to it, just the way Ryan likes it.

As for the chicken in the Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles, the chicken is juicy, and is even better than the one that received a Michelin star (cough)!


Look at the plump chicken meat!


A noteworthy dish is the Venison Hor Fun. As opposed to the balanced dishes that they have enjoyed so far, the venison meat in the hor fun provides a very strong smell and taste to it, and is very tender at the same time, providing a different dimension to the hor fun. However, due to its strong taste, it’s either you will like it or you don’t, and we welcome you to head down and give it a try and let us know your comments!


The only 3 stars in this episode!


With that, Nam Sheng receives 3 stars, and it’s Food-King Good!

And the 3 hosts ends the episode by voting for their favourite dishes as usual, but it seems like their favourite destination is Venice, seeing how they can’t take their hands off it.


Is Aiken Dee Kosh’s new flavour?


Watch the full episode below, and share this article to your friends if you’re keen to try out the food covered in this episode!