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Food King Nailed It: Beef Stroganoff Review

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Food King Nailed It: Beef Stroganoff Review

In this episode, we see Aiken getting nailed by Syasya. It’s almost like Aiken is the beef, and Syasya is the pasta, being saucy and wrapping all around the meat. As much as the episode is about making Beef Stroganoff, we get a little educated about the ways of the Minah too.

Beef Stroganoff Beef Struggling


Tabitha Nauser vs Syasya

Syasya, in her Flash costume, thankfully not flashing, claims to look like Tabitha Nauser. If you don’t know Tabitha Nauser, she sang Bulletproof, Body Language, Rules, and you can listen to her on Spotify.

To check up on Syasya’s claim, I took some time to compare the 2 lovely ladies, coming up with a 98.7% similarity between them.

The adventures of Virus

First seen wiping his lips upon his appearance from under the table. Or perhaps, under the sea, looking for some clams? Clearly something fishy going on with Syasya. I hope he had a good time.

A peek into the world of a Minah

“As you know we minahs love to be creamed”

“Because as minahs, we always have beef”

“Trust a minah, they look like they don’t have directions in life but eventually they will get there, they just like to learn from their mistakes first”


Perhaps, there is a pinch of truth in the bowl of salt presented.


A wonderfully entertaining episode, carried by the enchanting Syasya with her strapless bra, I leave you with 3 songs mentioned in the episode.

One Kiss by Dua Lipa
Let Me by Zayn Malik
In my Blood by Shawn Mendes