Festive Feasts to Order In This Christmas Season!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Festive Feasts to Order In This Christmas Season!

Greetings everyone! As December approaches, I’m sure everyone is getting into the Christmas vibes and as always, we want to bring to you some recommendations that aren’t just for restaurants or bars but for home and office parties for those of us who prefer to snuggle up with friends and family this festive season!

That’s why today we’re going to be highlighting some unique and interesting food items from Cold Storage’s Christmas Food & Gift Guide! So, be it for a large family or just a small gathering with your friends, you’ll always have options, even meat-free and halal ones!

Let’s start with appetizers! The Savoury Skewers Platter ($29.95) which serves 6-8 comes with 12 skewers and Bulgogi Sauce. The skewers also come in 3 flavours –Truffle Chicken, Beef Ragu and Prawn with Capsicum. Not only that, these are ready to serve but feel free to use a blow torch to heat it up for a smoky flavour. This makes for interesting flavor profiles as east meets west!

Top left: Savoury Skewers Platter ($29.95)

Click here to learn about or to pre-order the Skewers!

Next up, we’ve got the curated signature sets, the Lavish Christmas Feast ($159.95) is perfect for those who are too lazy to prep but still want a traditional Christmas feast. With most of the preparations only requiring an oven, a pan and some foil, it’s simple to reheat and takes much less time. For example, you might take about 3 to 4 hours to roast a turkey, but you can have a delicious turkey ready in half the amount of time!

The feast which feeds 8 to 10, includes the Burgers’ Smokehouse Smoked Turkey, Banjo Shoulder Bone-In Ham, Ribeye Roast Beef with Rosemary & Garlic, Classic Sauerkraut with Champagne & Apple Garnish, Turkey Gravy and Cranberry Sauce. For meat lovers, this is pretty much the perfect feast. My personal favourite of the feast is the Banjo Shoulder Bone-In Ham. I love the fact that you can carve out some fat portions that gives it texture and flavour. If you’re worried about what to do with the leftovers, I suggest you put it in between warm bread and butter and you’ve got a delicious ham sandwich!

If you’re looking for something slightly smaller, the Supreme Christmas Feast ($89.95), which feeds 6 to 8 might be suitable! (Check out the different feasts via the links below and get the perfect one for your party!) Cold Storage also offers a halal option in the form of The Hearty Christmas Feast ($89.95) which serves a party of 6 to 8.

The perfect meal for any Meat-loving family or group of friends.

Click here to learn about or to order the Lavish Feast!
The Supreme Christmas Feast is a fantastic smaller alternative
Click here to learn about or to order the Supreme Feast!
A solid meat-licious Halal alternative that everyone can enjoy.

Click here to learn about or to order the Hearty Feast!

​​If you’ve got that one Aunty like mine who doesn’t really have a taste for “western food”, we’ve got just the recommendation for you. The Sous Vide Turkey Breast with Szechuan “Mala” Peppers ($49.95) elevates what would have been a very boring and bland turkey breast! The Szechuan and Garlic Peppers provides that addictive “Mala-esque” kick that’ll satisfy any mala craving. It’s not too spicy and also pretty easy to prepare, only requiring a 20 minute hot-water bath!​​

This meal packs both Western and Eastern flavours, perfect for fusion lovers!​​

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Sous Vide Mala Turkey Breast!

If you’re hosting a big party for your friends and family combined, another ala carte suggestion we’ve got is the Manuka Honey Bone-In Ham ($89.95) The ham is of excellent quality and marinated in a special blend of spices before being glazed in premium Manuka honey and baked. Honestly, I was most impressed by the quality of hams for this Christmas feast. It would seem that ham is predictable, but they are of exceptional quality and you can taste that especially when it’s carved off the bone.

Serving 25-35 people, this is the perfect way to go when looking for value.

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Manuka Honey Ham!

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, for about 10 – 15 guests, check out the Apple Vanilla & Ham! Glazed with Apple and Vanilla before being baked, the apple and vanilla is a nice layer right above the salty ham!

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Apple and Vanilla Ham!

So, I know Cold Storage’s catalogue seem very meat-centric right now but don’t worry seafood lovers, we’ve got you covered too.

The Fine De Claire Oysters ($40.90) from France is perfect if you love oysters! It comes with 12 oysters which are beloved for their creamy texture and well-balanced flavour, plus these are ready to serve for your convenience.

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Fine De Claire Oysters France!

These oysters are also known for their superior shell quality as they are grown in shallow clay ponds rather than in open oceans. 

Lastly, what’s a feast without desserts right? The first option we have is Boozy Christmas Pavlova ($39) which serves 6-8 people. Topped with fresh Australian cream and Australian first pick cherries, what impressed me was that it was not dense but porous and airy while satisfying the sweet end to the meal. It also reminded me of a good black forest cake!

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Boozy Christmas Pavlova!

Quick note: Remember to remove the cake from the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before serving.

However, if you’re craving for something more local yet festive at the same time, the Ondeh Ondeh Enchanted Logcake is the perfect end to your feast!

Click here to learn more or to pre-order the Ondeh Ondeh Enchanted Log Cake!

Infused with local flavours, this cake brings a unique Asian touch to log cake.

Overall, we’ve shown you a plethora of options that Cold Storage has to offer but if you’re curious about how any of these taste, head down to their Parkway Parade and Great World City stores on the 7th and 8th of December to sample the food before deciding on the perfect spread for your celebrations.

If you want more information, check out here to browse their catalogue and pre-order online or at your nearest Cold Storage store! But remember, last day of ordering is on the 20th December so you need to be quick, especially if you want those included freebies as there are limited quantities.

Plus, there’s an Early Bird Special going on right now! If you spend a minimum of $150 on selected items online, you’ll get to enjoy $10 off!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone here from NOC!

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