Fan Submissions #8

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fan Submissions #8

Happy National Day everyone! Good news, our latest video, Singapore Like You’ve Never Seen Before actually made it to the #1 Trending Video right on National Day itself! Usually we don’t really put so much emphasis about rankings and all that, but for a video that took Ryan, Virus, Bryant that many days and weeks’ worth of travelling, filming, and editing, it would be a lie to say that we did not care. We are really touched by your comments out there, and we really hope for the video to reach out to many more Singaporeans out there, who really ought to see Singapore through a different set of perspectives, and we hope that they can get started through our video!


But anyway, that is not the main point of this article. Once again, it’s time to showcase the submissions from our wonderful, beloved fans!


First up, we have a food recommendation by Tan Yee Ann. Taiwanese porridge definitely sounds interesting, has anyone here tried it before? Should we pay a visit there?



We have another food recommendation coming in, this time by Henry Sng, who actually submitted a PDF file of his recommendations! Thank you so much for the effort, Henry, we will definitely check them out to see if their restaurants are keen for us to feature them.



And then, it’s the fan arts! Our most hardworking artist out there, Animalawesome Jaylene, has submitted 3 pieces! Starting off with our NOC logo…



Followed by a random drawing of Ryan, Sylvia, and Dee Kosh


Why is Dee Kosh lying down though? LOL


And then my personal favourite! An reenactment of the scene where this overexcited guy bumps into Dee Kosh’s mic during an episode of DIFTM:



I totally loved that Jaylene can pick out this particular moment to draw. Good work Jaylene!


And we have one more fan art submission by David Khoo, who has drawn something a little more abstract, but it’s really interesting to see his visualisation of Ryan the Food King, Sylvia, and Franster Potter.




Well, that’s it for today! Go enjoy the rest of your day off, and watch the National Day Parade! And more importantly, share our video below to everyone! Share it!