Fan Submissions #7

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fan Submissions #7

Our submissions are dying down, please keep them coming in, everyone! We welcome suggestions and recommendations as well!


Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we received over the past week!


First up, we have a video suggestion by Benjamin Foo

Well, we will certainly get to the North soon, Benjamin. Have patience, and follow us on our Instagram (@nightowlcinematics, @deekosh, to find out when will we visit the North for an episode of Do It For The Money!


Next, we have our fan arts!

First one comes from Mathilda Ng who has drawn hula hoops around Sylvia?



And next up, another submission by one of our favourite user, Jaylene!



It’s quite creative to visualise our NOC characters as animals. It will be awesome if you added the choker to the drawing as well.


And sad to say, this is all we have for this week, folks. We hope to see more entries coming in next week, and do subscribe to us on all our different platforms to get all the latest news from us!