Fan Submissions #6

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fan Submissions #6

It’s another Wednesday, and it’s already the 6th week since we’ve been receiving submissions from you guys! Funnily enough, this week’s submissions were all fan arts! We are really honoured and surprised to see the artistic talents of some of you guys, and in the light of the videos that we’ve released over the previous weekend, we really do encourage you to polish your artistic talents, be it in drawing, or graphics design, etc. You may not know whether it’s something that you will really want to do in the future, but having a well-polished skill with you will never hurt you. Well, I’ll go in depth with this in a separate article, so let’s have a look at what we have received this week, shall we?




Animalawesome Jaylene decides to give the Food King a throne


Animalawesome Jaylene (I shall just call you Jaylene) have submitted 3 pieces of art just this week alone. It wouldn’t have taken a short while to draw all these, so I hope that this won’t affect your studies, Jaylene, seeing that you’ve commented that you’re 10 years old.


The thug lyfe chose her


A picture speaks a thousand words


This is personally my favourite of the fan art received this week. When they say a picture speaks a thousand words, this is what they mean. A single drawing depicting what is going on in our Real Yishun Losers video (, also submitted by Jaylene. Thank you so much!


And onto other fan arts!


Submitted by Iridescent

A drawing of Aurelia submitted by Iridescent. This looks like a sketch that is typical of what a fashion designer might come up with during their work. What really surprises me here are the lines and curves Iridescent has drawn for the hair and arms. And the shoes are amazing. Really very impressed by this.


Drawn by Neau Neau (Neautralizers) for Sylvia, whom she really adore and admire


Another impressive piece of a caricature of a shy-looking Sylvia (when does that happen though?). Though she hardly wears a white blouse, but maybe it’s inspired by our 12 Types of Classmates video ( And the owl is really a nice touch!


This is all that we have received for this week, and I can’t help but notice that some of your comments when submitting your fan arts actually say that you’re not good at art or what not. It doesn’t really matter if you’re good or not, because this is not an art competition, and we must say, among all of us in NOC, only our motion graphics designer / illustrator really knows how to draw, so we aren’t that different. What matters, especially if you have a passion in arts, is to keep on drawing. If you don’t think you’re good, draw until you are good. Same goes for every skill you’ll have to learn in life.


Till next week!