Fan Submissions #5

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fan Submissions #5

It’s been a quiet week, having only received a few submissions. Do keep them coming in guys!


First up, many thanks to Marie Cheng for your fan art of Aurelia! Looks like Aurelia is quite popular huh.



Sad to say, this is the only piece of fan art that we have received over the past week, but we have received a few submissions from Benjamin Foo



We would absolutely love to do musicals, but as you can see, to choreograph, and having to nail the choreography and to rehearse the song and dance will take up a lot of days which we can’t commit to at the moment. But if the opportunity presents itself, we would definitely do another musical parody again!



I assume “you’d people” means young people. Well, it’s definitely true that we don’t have talents that are children or teenagers, but it is a limitation that we would prefer to work with. There are many reasons for that, and I believe this is something a lot of you are curious about.


1. Most of our videos don’t really need such young actors. And in the event that we really require young actors, we would prefer to engage them on a freelance basis rather than on a long term basis. It is simply more cost-effective that way.


2. Legal responsibility. In Singapore, the legal age of contract is 21. As such, we only look for talents that are aged 21 and above. As previously mentioned in an article (, our talents are the “face” of NOC, and thus, they represent the company. As such, we need our talents to not only be mature enough to deal with the challenges that come with being a “somewhat public” figure, but to be able to hold legal responsibility in any undue circumstances.


3. Versatility. Talents aged 21 and above are typically more versatile and flexible. We can cast someone in their 20s as an elderly or a child, but we can’t cast a child as an adult or elderly. And generally speaking, the older you are, the more experience you have, and the broader your perspectives are. As such, an adult talent has the potential to be casted as different characters and he or she will know how to make each character distinct from another. Here’s an example of Rachel acting as different characters in 1 single video: Other than the versatility aspect in acting, we also require quite a degree of flexibility in timings. Most of our shoots take up the full day, and at times, the shoot might even go on till late night in the event of any unforeseen delays. So we won’t want to receive calls from parents asking why are their children not home yet.


So there you go, hope that answers your question! And that’s all for this week’s fan submissions. We really hope to see more next week!