Fan Submissions #4!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fan Submissions #4!

It’s another Wednesday, and let’s have a look at what we have over the past week from you guys! Really thank you so much, and don’t worry, we are reading through every single submission that you’ve made! And given that we’ve only received a single fan art submission today, let’s have a look at the other submissions that you all have submitted to us!


First off, the only fan art that “seaweed monster” have submitted 3 times, I don’t know why.


A nice touch to draw Sylvia kicking Ryan in the shin


And a very nice note submitted by Random Asian Guy!


Aww, thank you!


Random Asian Guy also provided us with a few ideas that we might look into!



And we have more suggestions coming in, from one of you in Kenya, Africa!


Thank you for your recommendation, but we have actually done a Michelin episode with Steven from Buzzfeed, right here:


Here’s a good one from Yasmin Ong


Comment below if anyone knows of any other good Ban Mian stalls around!


We do have a lot of submissions this week, so we won’t be featuring them all here, but fret not, we go through each and every submission of yours. Promise.


Also, the month is over, thank you once again for all the submissions over the past month, here are the top 5 contributors of June!



Well, that’s it for this week’s submissions, do keep them coming in!


With that, we leave you with this final submission


Aww… you too!