Fan Submissions #3!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fan Submissions #3!

It’s another Wednesday, and it’s time to go through this week’s submissions from you guys! We have also received recommendations for our travelogues as well. Well, as much as we would love to do travelogues all over the world, it’s really up to our schedule and whether we get the opportunities to travel!



Today, let’s start off with a summary of our Photography Challenge submitted by Kieran Han!


Fan’s Video Summary

This video kicks off with the awesome host, Aiken Chia. In this video features Sylvia, DeeKosh and BadGurl Syasya Woke. These 3 are given 3 challenges with a Fujifilm X-T100 camera.

Challenge 1: Taking Cat Selfies at THE CAT CAFÉ

Apparently, cats didn’t seem to like Syasya and turned away from her. Guess it was her hilarious makeup and her ridiculous strategy— going down on the floor and dancing and singing to the cats…DeeKosh and Sylvia had good strategies though, to go take selfies when the cats are eating and when they are sleeping respectively.

These strategies worked and both ended up with 5 points each. Syasya was unfortunate to score only 2 out of her 10 pictures because she took 8 of them with a cat picture, not a real life cat in the café. Keep trying, Syasya:)

Challenge 2: Capturing the most NatGeo inspired photograph at GALLOP STABLE.

Yet again, Syasya attempts to dance in front of the horse…but her efforts payed off! At the end of the challenge,

DeeKosh presented a horse, a fence and the sky, which he thinks is very majestic. However, Syasya had a wonderfully taken action shot of a horse galloping across the field. Do you think her picture is NatGeo inspired? Time for Sylvia’s shot…she captured a very…”disturbing” action shot? She captured the horse removing its waste from its body, which DeeKosh declared it as “a shitty photo”. What do you think?

Syasya then commented that their photos reflect their personalities. Elegance for DeeKosh, Active for Syasya and A Piece of Shit(uh oh) for Sylvia. Syasya won this challenge anyways.

Challenge 3: Taking be most cinematic 10 seconds slow motion video at SILOSO BEACH

DeeKosh went on to bribe some teenagers, saying that he’ll offer them money if they star in his video. He is already giving away money on his segment, Do It For The Money and he’s giving away more just for a short video? Guess DeeKosh is wealthy then!

Sylvia just remains at the sheltered location and uses Aiken for her video. As he is known to sweat easily(even in an air conditioned room), Sylvia wanted to capture his sweat dripping down his face. What did she forget to do?

Syasya had a bad start, with 2 men she sought help from didn’t want to help her and going near the waves and getting her shoes wet. Finally, she found 2 women basking under the sun in the sea. They made quite an impression, well mostly Syasya. Her style and modelling was simply amazing. The way she moves is she just a professional model. Furthermore, it is very cinematic for it is capturing the beach, the sea. Plus, the directing was good!

At the end, Sylvia was told that she should have been disqualified for not doubling the shutter speed. “Everybody knows you are supposed to have doubled the shutter speed” DeeKosh stated. The last two contestants remain.

DeeKosh does admit that Syasya did a great job in her video this round, and Syasya was declared the winner of the round and the entire challenge.

Have you watched the video? If not, click on the link below to watch. It is #4 Trending as of 21 June, 10.30 am! Like their video if you enjoyed watching it or if you enjoy viewing these kind of challenges. After all, their last challenge was very long ago! Comment in the video which function you like of the Fujifilm X-T100 and stand a chance to win one for yourself. All the cool functions and features are in the video so check it out!

Thanks Kieran!


Fan Arts

Next up, are the fan arts!


Submitted by Jay Goh


Drawing of Ryan by Heagan Nicholas


Another Aurelia, by raindeer


And submitted by Jace Lim, from a photo taken during our Types of Classmates video! Though I think this is probably done from digitally…


This is all we have for this week, and we at NOC look forward to seeing more good works from you guys soon!

Do note that the end of the month is coming soon, and we will be giving a little something to the top 5 contributors of the month! To be announced, so stay tuned for it!