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Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) is an award-winning content hub made up of passionate individuals with the tenacity and determination to create best quality entertainment for every single household. Recognised far beyond its services as a Singapore-based production company, our digital content produced has generated over 800 million cumulative views on our ever-growing social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) to reach out to users globally.
We want individuals who are passionate about content, and able to identify what makes a good content piece. To succeed in NOC, you’ll need to harness the following qualities: 

If you are all of the above and more, check out the below positions that are open right now and apply via the application form here: 

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  • We regret to inform you that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered 

Head of Content:

To succeed in this role, you will need to be extremely passionate about content and bringing value for both brands and audience. This position will require a highly relatable individual with the ability to engage easily with people and build long-lasting relationships with stakeholders.

Key responsibilities include:


Lead Producer | Digital Content:

You’ll need to be a creative problem solver who anticipates problems and find resolutions quickly. Prior experience working in a fast-paced environment and is able to take charge in running projects is highly encouraged, and you’ll need to love social media and understand how trends impact the content produced!

Key responsibilities include:


Digital Content Producer:

You’ll need to be a creative problem solver who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and is able to take charge in running projects. A creative thinker who demonstrates a strong sense of urgency and knows how to get things done in a calm and professional manner.

Key responsibilities include:


Videographer & Editor:

We are looking for critical thinkers that are highly versatile, motivated, and possess good communication skills. Individuals should also possess the physical strength and dexterity to maneuver their equipment to obtain the best possible shots/angles. This position hence requires individuals to possess both brawns and brains to carry out their role efficiently.

Key responsibilities include:


Sound Engineer: Post Production – Full Time

You’ll be working with our editors to produce audio for videos, to be posted on our various channels in the company. There will also be opportunities to be on set to record audio for productions. Due to production schedules, working hours may vary.



Motion Graphics Designer:

What makes NOC’s videos stand out are not simply just the cinematographer or how high definition they are. It is the fact that NOC’s videos are produced with the audience in mind. As such, in order to keep our videos as engaging and entertaining as possible, we put in our utmost efforts into our superimposed motion graphics. The motion graphics designer should be able to have a good sense of aesthetics and be able to work with the different editors of different segments to come up with the most appropriate yet engaging motion graphics. NOC is also currently exploring 3D animation and a motion graphics designer who is proficient with creating 3D animation is largely preferred.


Social Media Manager:

The social media manager of NOC typically works independently with little to no supervision, and his objectives are to utilise all the social media platforms under his fingertips to reach out to all the audience. He is also expected to have an excellent command of English and is able to generate his own daily bite-sized content from existing resources to engage with the audience. Being the mouthpiece of Night Owl Cinematics, he is required to be extremely professional when communicating with the public and be able to keep track of all the platforms that NOC utilises.


Admin Assistant:

All manners of operations require administrative work. The admin assistant of Night Owl Cinematics holds a very crucial role of making sure that the accounts and the paperwork are all nicely done. The admin assistant will have to handle quotations, invoicing, management of accounts, keeping track of jobs and may often be the first person to liaise with the stakeholders. He or she will also be largely involved in the operations of the company itself, hence this is not a position to be looked down upon.


Talents (Actors / Actresses / Hosts):

The staff that operates behind the scene are responsible in making sure of the smooth operation of the company as well putting out the content, but it’s the people who are in front of the camera responsible for making sure that the content sticks with the audience. It is also crucial that the talents are responsible and professional, and does not have a negative image. Talents should also be able to resonate with the vision of Night Owl Cinematics as well as being able to understand the audience.


Key Attributes:



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Also, please head to and take the test. Let us know which type you are in your application!

Working hours is 11am to 7pm, at Yishun. Saturday is an optional half-day and some weekends / PH will be burned for shoots.

You need to be okay with animals such as cats and dogs because we allow pets to be brought to the office.

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