Behind The Scenes of Crazy Average Singaporeans

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Behind The Scenes of Crazy Average Singaporeans

We have actually released a parody of the trailer of the movie – Crazy Rich Asians on 20th of May. It is extremely rare for us to do a parody as we prefer to come up with our own original content, but we decided to make an exception for this simply because the original movie is actually shot in Singapore. However, the things depicted in the movie will probably only be relatable to the top 1% of the people in Singapore, and we decided to come up with something that realistically depicts how is it like for the rest of the 99% of Singaporeans out there. After all, being relatable is our topmost priority. And given that the original movie is out in the cinemas this week, there is no time better than now to have a behind the scenes of what went on for a style of video that we have never attempted before.




As you might have noticed if you were to watch the video where we have also kindly included the original video at the side, the main challenge for us in producing this video is to make sure that each scene that we film mirrors the original scene as much as possible, from the setting, cast, and the angle. In order to do so, our crew actually studied the trailer religiously, and identified all the different scenes. They also had to time how long each scene took so that we would be able to time our scenes right. With that, we actually printed out a storyboard and had a team discussion where everyone proposed how we were supposed to emulate each scene. We also had to determine which location to be used for which scene, and then we promptly got to work.


The storyboard that we used




After determining the locations, and knowing that the shoot will take a lot of time, we had to rush to secure the locations, such as a house, a cafe, a clothing store, etc. We even managed to secure a church for the wedding scene. And for that, we are really thankful for the location sponsors for making it possible. In fact, we are always looking for locations for all our videos, so if you are someone who owns a business or a fancy and spacious house and you don’t mind us filming on your premises every now and then, please contact us with photos of your location! We will deeply appreciate it!


The backyard of a church for a simple “wedding ceremony”


Also, substituting the high SES version of a house party, us low SES people have an alternative way of doing it if we want to get in touch with other people. Like, up close and personal.


Okay fine, the train happened to be empty, but you get what I mean


And of course, never miss out on an opportunity for a photo to post on Instagram


Oh, and the clubbing scene that we obviously shot in our office?


We shot that without music. Just imagine.





While the locations have been settled, there were a few things that we had to find a replacement for. Such as, in the original video, there was a scene between the main leads that took place on a plane. And us low SES people wouldn’t be able to charter a plane and sit first class just to shoot that few seconds, as such, we replaced it with Ryan’s car. Also, there was a scene with a close up shot of a sports car weaving through traffic, and our solution to that?


Venture a guess





While the producers rush to secure the locations, our cinematographers sat down and went through the storyboard once more to determine the shots list. The shots list is essentially a list of shots that is required per scene or per location. This checklist will allow our cinematographers to be able to shoot efficiently, and make sure not to miss out any shots (this is important, because we needed to mirror the original video as much as possible). For those who are not aware of what kind of shots are there, there are a variety of shots from wide shots to closeups and knowing which shots to use in which scene can make or break the scene. But in this case, all we had to do was to follow the original video, so the challenge was not to figure out which shots to use to tell the story, but to identify them from the original trailer. Note that we had to identify the transitions used as well.


After getting all the preparation work done, it comes down to the actual filming. Well, with the preparation work done thoroughly from the locations to the shots list and storyboard, the filming process itself proved to be relatively easy. Except for one thing.




This was an iconic moment for NOC because we have never featured kissing scenes in our videos between our talents, and likewise for Aiken and Joanna, it was their first time kissing in front of a camera. So, if you’ve watched our Bloopers video for this shoot (, you’ll see that it took them A LOT of attempts to nail the kiss. And it doesn’t help that Aiken’s beard is tickling Joanna, so…


They seemed to enjoy it though


But other than the countless NGs we had over a kiss, the sheer amount of locations we had to cover exceeded what we typically require of our normal shoots, so we ended up having to shoot over 2 days for this video. Also, there were times that we had to wait until the night before we could shoot, so we had gaps of time in the day. Hence, our crew made the best use of time and got really productive.


Gaming on the phone to keep the mind alert


Lost terribly, and decided to hug himself to sleep


Parody-ception. Parodying Journey to the West while trying to parody Crazy Rich Asians.



Well, with that said and done, we were still proud of our work, and we really hope that you guys enjoyed the Average Singaporean’s version that we have produced! You can watch it below if you haven’t, and of course, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Food King episode at 3pm on our YouTube channel!


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And for the end of this article, I’ll leave you with this.


Aww yeah… you’re welcome, ladies.