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8 Types of Problem Gamblers!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

8 Types of Problem Gamblers!

Our last comedy video was 5 weeks ago, so we’re happy to release another comedy video for you guys this week! In the light of the World Cup season, and I’m sure a lot of you are keen to stay up late to catch the games or to bet to see who will win, this video serves to remind you on the consequences of gambling if it is not kept in check! A little friendly wagers are fine, but when you find yourself betting large amounts of money, and making stories up to borrow money, that’s when you should be careful!


The Student


Including expensive textbooks…


Gambling isn’t just an issue for adults, as even students are nowadays gambling or playing card games among themselves! In this case, Dee Kosh depicts a student who is making up excuses from his overly-lenient parents to get money in order for him to gamble.

Well, he did get a “textbook”…


The Superstitious



This is pretty cliched, but have you ever seen sitting in a car and witnesses an accident elsewhere, and the driver of your car (could be your dad, your mum, your uncle) deliberately slows down to catch the license plate number of the car in the accident? And thereby causing your whole lane to slow down when it’s not affected by the accident because everyone else is doing the same? This scene, depicted by Franster, is precisely one of those people who tries to find “inspiration” or some sort of “divine revelation” from objects that can be found in his everyday life in order for him to make his next 4D or Toto bet.


The “divine tree”


The “divine droppings”



The “ATM”


Find a guy that looks at you just like how Xiao Bitch looks at the ATM


It’s actually quite common for people to go broke moments after their payday, paying off their bills, giving allowance to family, etc. But at least make the reasons for you going broke soon after payday worth it! In this case, Xiao Bitch has gotten her pay and instead of getting the Buddha Jump Over The Wall she wanted, she ends up being the “ATM” to her debtors from all her gambling habits.


Kua tio gui ah!


The “One-Timer”


When the ego speakeths


This is particularly for those with FOMO – fear of missing out. When you’re out watching football/soccer with your friends, and they start gambling, so you feel the need to join in and even one-up them to show that you’re sporting. Stick to your principles, true friends won’t incite you to gamble if you insist on not gambling. And honestly, if you really have FOMO to gamble, at least use your own money, and not have to resort to this.


Dem lies!


The Storyteller


Rage imminent


This is for those habitual liars. When you’ve lost all your money from your gambling losses, and instead of being honest with yourself and putting a stop to it, you resort to making people sympathise with you by making up sob stories in order to borrow money. True friends will loan you the money, but how good do you feel about yourself, making use of their goodwill? And of course, call in sick frequent enough, and this might happen to you.


Siao liao


The Forgetful


The face that the forgetful people always make


This is for the forgetful people out there. It’s okay if you’re absentminded about everything, you’re already beyond hope. But for those who somehow can remember every bet they make, which football game is on, when is the big Toto draw, but yet cannot remember appointments or dates with his family and loved ones… You’ve got issues. Just hope that you will remember to wear clothes when leaving your house.


But he remembered to carry his bag!


Not A Quitter


This expression is the expression that you’ll get a lot when you just don’t know when to stop


Normally you’ll be impressed when you see someone claiming that he’s not a quitter. But not when it’s about smoking, or in this case, gambling. In this case, Xiao Bitch never passes on a chance to gamble and she will literally gamble to the last dollar, resorting to approaching random kids at the playground.


Who’s this scary zehzeh?


But kids nowadays aren’t that stupid, and well, at least she still have her 1 remaining dollar left, and a very pissed off friend.


The very pissed off friend


The Chronic Gambler


The highest level, mahjong with cash instead of chips


This category of gamblers are the most hardcore, where they don’t just find gambling chances whenever they go, but they practically live or eat gambling. They will play poker games online if they’re alone, invite friends over to mahjong anyday, and make online soccer bets. They will bet their money or anything, and at this stage, they are gambling not because of the money, but they simply are addicted to the thrill. The money only allows them to be able to gamble. And when people who love and care about them try to show concern for them…


Exhibit A: The unfilial son


And of course, like in all movies, real life always has an happy ending, hence, at the end of this scene, we have an emotional reunion scene where Aiken turns over a new leaf…


… or not.


Sadly, life’s happy endings need a lot of work and effort to fulfil, and if you know of anyone who are maybe gambling a little too much, refer them to the National Council of Problem Gambling’s helpline: 1800-6-668-668! And if you want to find out more about problem gambling and its other symptoms, check out their website at


Once again, if you haven’t watch our latest video of Problem Gambling, here you go! Remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos!

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