7 Commonly Seen Types of Drunk People

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

7 Commonly Seen Types of Drunk People

If you have been reading our Things To Do This Weekend posted every Monday (read the latest one here: https://noc.com.sg/things-you-should-be-doing-this-weekend-17-sep-23-sep-2018/) then you will realise that there are tons of activities going on that involves drinking. This is especially true since we’re in the last quarter of 2018, where everyone is starting to get their party going. With that said, we will be looking at the different types of drunk people that we commonly encounter whenever we are out for drinks that may or may not ruin the night for you.


The Overly-Friendly


Yes, we can tell


The overly-friendly describes the person who may be more reserved when completely sober, but starts being really friendly when his inhibition is lowered after a few glasses. He or she will start introducing himself to anyone he meets, and acts as if he’s your long-lost friend. The funny thing about meeting an Overly-Friendly is that this phenomenon will disappear after he sobers up and you two are akin to strangers once more.


The Touchy


Oh yeah…


Building on from the Overly-Friendly, is the Touchy ones. While the Overly-Friendly ones are still tolerable, the Touchy ones though… After having a few drinks and their inhibition lowered, their hands tend to have a life of their own and are able to find their way to places that are really inappropriate. For example, on someone’s thighs, shoulders, or even waist. The only thing you can really do to such Touchy people is to keep a distance from them for the whole night. Tolerating their behaviour only serves to encourage them to do more. Remember, no means no! Thus if you feel uncomfortable when someone is being touchy with you, make it known or get a trustworthy friend to help you.


The Emo

My life is a mess, fml!


On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Emos. Depending on the purpose of the session, the Emos can be a wet blanket. Perhaps suffering from a heartbreak, they resort to drinking to numb the pain that they are going through. While that is understandable (even though not encouraged), they can really ruin the mood of a party. Often turning up with a downtrodden expression, and replying “I’m okay” to any one who bothers to ask, they then transform into an uncontrollable mess after they’ve got few drinks in them. They will either start crying and lamenting about how life is unfair to them, or they will drink too fast and get drunk before halfway into the night. That’s when everyone around ends up having to take care of them.


The Dancer

I’ve got em moves like jagger~


This is by far the most common types available. You can easily see them when you step into a club. The Dancer-types will start the night calmly sitting down and sipping their drinks, but after getting taking in enough of liquid courage, they will get restless and invites you to the dance floor. And this is when the Dancers are broadly categorised into 2 types – The Awesome, and the Awful. The Awesome ones are typically those who actually know how to dance but just require a little push from the alcohol to show their moves. Whereas, the Awful ones THINKS that they know how to dance, and starts flailing about on the dance floor, to the ire of everyone nearby.



The Chatterbox


Blah blah blah…


Similar to the Overly-Friendly but just with a little subtle difference. The Chatterboxes don’t care who are they talking to. They don’t even care if anyone’s listening. They just talk. Nonstop. While the Overly-Friendlys will approach anyone and introduce themselves, they typically don’t engage with one person for too long and does not really go in-depth with the conversation. The Chatterboxes though,  you may find yourself at the same spot for the whole night once they’ve got their hooks in you. And all you can do is to smile awkwardly, and react with “Is it…?” and they continue rambling on and on.


The Mysterious




Nothing much can be said about the Mysterious. They are typically the quiet types who will just bob their heads to the music, and gives you a smile whenever you catch their eyes. However, they simply do not approach you to talk, and does not tell anyone if they leave. Sometimes, if you’re in a bigger group, you may find yourself wondering if this Mysterious is even a part of your group or not. They tend to disappear without a trace at the end of the night, and you’ll find absolutely no one asking about them or even knowing their names.


The Hulk

Puny god


Comparable to the Emos at ruining the night for everyone, yet potentially many more times disastrous for the rest of the group. Named after the Marvel movie, the typically docile Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk when angered. The Hulks are those who starts off the night being friendly and sociable, but they get easily triggered after they start drinking. They are usually the loudest one in the group. Basically anything can set them off, from bumping into them accidentally or even talking to them. When encountering the Hulk, just steer as far away as you can from them as possible. And if you have the unfortunate moment of having a Hulk in your group, just be prepared to either be a mediator or to simply run for your lives, because what tends to happen is that two or more Hulks from different groups will somehow find their way to clash with each other, and result in a verbal argument or even a physical clash. Thank god for bouncers and security though.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and I’m sure that there are a lot more different types of drunks out there. So share with us which kind of drunks are you! Also, more importantly, is to drink in moderation and make sure not to drive if you know that you are going out for drinks that night.


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