12 Types of Classmates! Review Part 3

Thursday, July 19, 2018

12 Types of Classmates! Review Part 3

Welcome back to the last part of the series, Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, if you have not read it yet. Some of the references are really outdated, but quite memorable in the quiet life of Singaporeans.


Like a rock thrown into the tepid waters that is Temasek Poly, the ripples from the Bumblebee’s video have subsided, and all we’re left with is an adverse reaction to people who wear black and yellow horizontal stripe shirts.

And here, we have Jian Hao playing as Bumblebee, and we have an almost exact fashion match to the real Bumblebee (who is getting choked), in terms of hair, glasses, and shirt. Perhaps, the little ear stud/earring could bee added as well for the full effect. The real bumblebees are cute little fluffy bees which don’t exist in Singapore. The one bumblebee that exists is a little piece of nostalgia from many years ago, when the yo-yo hype was all the rage amongst the teenagers.

An interesting math question came out, with 1700 followers, each giving him $1, how many iPhone X can he buy? Current price of iPhone X is S$1648, hence, he can only buy 1 phone. He needs 14780 more followers to get the 10 iPhone X which he said he can get.

Bullying of Sikeen Part 2

While See Toh Da is getting encouragement from Nathan to talk to some pretty girls, Sikeen gets bullied in the background. In Part 1 of this series, we saw that Sikeen is in his own world, not following the crowd. And this time, he gets bullied even when sitting alone.

This hidden story kind of reminds me of a video where everything seemed normal, but a school shooter was always somewhere in the background of the scene, getting bullied, getting interested in guns. Chilling.

Raging Courtney

I’m pretty sure the OTAS sheet requires a shade 2B pencil, and 4H is about 7 shades lighter. And a small tidbit about the ‘B’ in 2B, it stands for Blackness, and the ‘H’ means Hardness. Perhaps, Courtney asking for a pencil with such a high Hardness rating has a hidden meaning.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“I only like to drink Pink Dolphin with Vitamin C, D, and A++”  – Courtney

Well, Pink Dolphin is definitely not Asian enough with no Vitamin A++, or even D.

Joanna vs Victoria

Alright, I admit I used the same picture for Victoria.

情非得已 by Nathan Hartono

A Cover by Nathan HartonoDownload

An acoustic version of an old song by 庾澄庆 (2001), the nostalgia. It is also the theme song of 流星花园, for the people that do remember.

An MV like edit with some fangirls at the side, a great song to end the whole school theme with.


Big productions like this are very enjoyable for the viewers, you get so much out of it. The best act goes to Ms. Vasantham by Joshua Simon, speaking Chinese, carrying humongous boobs with the whole shawl and netting, and the orchid in the hair.

Alright, that’s all for this review series, I leave you with perhaps, a great idea for a future production, the Hokkien Potter.