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12 Types of Classmates! Review Part 2

Monday, July 2, 2018

12 Types of Classmates! Review Part 2

A continuation from the previous review, go read it if you haven’t. This time, there are some secrets to unveil, and they range from mild, to even milder.

吸星大法 Suck Star Big Law


A very small find, but still a find nonetheless. 吸星大法 is a famous martial art skill that sucks out power from whomever the user touches, just like how Mobile Legends suck out your battery. Quite a literal translation from Chinese to English, written in yellow, likely written by Sylvia due to the ‘<3 RyanSylvia’ written at the bottom.


Xiao Bitch

We know that Xiao Bitch has always been a delinquent, and this time, we have proof.


Hidden almost out of sight, lighter and cigarettes.


Teacher: “Xiao Bitch, if anyone asks why you’re standing here, say that you’re learning how to follow instructions from a door, since you won’t listen to your teacher”

The mysterious red notebook



The cover says “I can achieve my goals with SP”. Its a very subliminal Singapore Poly Ad, extremely well hidden.

Courtney Bak Choi


We see Courtney Bak Choi coming out of the male toilet, zipping up the front of the skirt, as though it is a normal front zip pants. I suppose, a transition from the regular Sikeen to Courtney. We might be looking at the early days of his transgender journey, finding his true self in the opposite gender.

Thanks for reading, the next part shall be the final in this little series. I leave you with Dora’s smoothie.