NOC Sports Day Ep 3

Apparently, soccer is a universal language understood by everyone internationally. So for the next sports day, we decided to test the casts and see who qualifies for a degree, diploma, A level and O level certificate, or if they will fail terribly at that language.

NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_00_06_19.Still001
Word has it that Daniel, our very own props and location i/c is extremely fluent in soccer, but will he live up to his name and pass our gruelling trial?
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_06_56_05.Still005
Oh! Not to forget this happy happy news! Ryan has finally made his very first appearance on this sports day! You’ll be surprised to find out how athletic he is.
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_03_33_18.Still003
Is that a goal?????
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_07_21_06.Still004
Why do they all look so scared?

Want to know why? Don’t forget to tune in to our channel this Sunday to see how each of them fared, and also let us know who you think deserves degrees cert and who deserves a big red F on their report card!, 4672, DIRECT, 47ea16374dff1d69