NOC Sports Day Ep 3

Apparently, soccer is a universal language understood by everyone internationally. So for the next sports day, we decided to test the casts and see who qualifies for a degree, diploma, A level and O level certificate, or if they will fail terribly at that language.

NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_00_06_19.Still001
Word has it that Daniel, our very own props and location i/c is extremely fluent in soccer, but will he live up to his name and pass our gruelling trial?
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_06_56_05.Still005
Oh! Not to forget this happy happy news! Ryan has finally made his very first appearance on this sports day! You’ll be surprised to find out how athletic he is.
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_03_33_18.Still003
Is that a goal?????
NOC Sports Day Soccer WIP1.00_07_21_06.Still004
Why do they all look so scared?

Want to know why? Don’t forget to tune in to our channel this Sunday to see how each of them fared, and also let us know who you think deserves degrees cert and who deserves a big red F on their report card!

Sneak Peek BTS

The next video is dedicated to our lovely Singaporean Aunties. Every middle-aged women can be addressed as an ‘auntie’ in Singapore, whether they are related to you or not. And aunties are everywhere here. You see them at the markets, on public transports, in front of schools waiting to pick up their precious child and even at shopping centers trying to get the best bargain. Some of them even have an online presence! Usually, you get to hear their presence before you even get to see them.

We had a fun time shooting this, and I have gathered 4 facts about our dear Aunties from the shoot!

Auntie fact number 1: You don’t really see them alone, they are usually seen with other aunties or talking to someone they just met.



Auntie fact number 2: They are often spotted carrying a huge plastic bag full of their latest bargain, whether from the wet market or from a sale at the shopping mall, it’s a mystery.


Auntie fact number 3: They have the same fashion sense and are always walking around with curlers in their hair.


Auntie fact number 4: They can be as fierce as a lion when they want to, but don’t take it to heart; it’s always for your own good!


Want to know other auntie facts? Then don’t forget to watch our next video coming up this Sunday at 3pm!

Here’s a picture of mama owl working hard to make sure that all the scenes are shot to the very best we can!